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Why Black Tea is Essential for Your Skin

Wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines—the banes of our existence. Time as well as environmental damage is indomitable; however, preventing and protecting our skin as much as possible can play a large role in prolonging smooth, healthy skin. There are thousands of skincare items in the beauty industry that cater to anti-aging—with claims that reverse aging, “stop time” and significantly reduce already existing wrinkles. However, it is much easier to prevent the problem rather than trying to go back and patch things up.

Today we’re going to talk about why black tea is so good—if not, essential—at preventing signs of aging.

Let’s start off with a basic fact: black tea is prepared from the leaves of the shrub Camellia Sinensis and is more oxidized than the common green, oolong and white teas. The oxidization of black tea comes from exposure to high temperatures and removing as much moisture as possible through rolling the leaves.
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Black tea contains high amounts of polyphenols (ooh, big word) which are antioxidants (ok I know that one), which aid in preventing the formation of cancer—consequently preventing cancer. Antioxidants work to remove free radicals, which can come from many different factors including consumption of greasy, unhealthy foods (aka a Big Mac and a beer on a Monday night). So yes, the antioxidants present in black tea can provide protection against skin cancer.

Besides antioxidants, black tea is extremely rich in vitamin B2, C and E as well as minerals such as magnesium, potassium and zinc. Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) is excellent in promoting growth as well as tissue repair (perfect for those who desire fresh new skin after acne). Vitamin C, other than its ability to cure the common cold, is great at smoothing wrinkles, reducing fine lines and firming up skin—all of which are vital to prevent sad, saggy skin. It also offers protection from UV rays—which we all know is the reason why older, Asian ladies cannot step outside without their pink visor and their flowery parasols. (However, that is the secret to why they have such flawless, ageless skin!) While vitamin C is specific at targeting UVA radiation, vitamin E, on the other hand, is awesome at targeting UVB radiation.

Quick reminder because I always forget this no matter how many times people tell me: UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis, which is the skin’s thickest layer. UVB rays burn the superficial layers of the skin. Not protecting against UVA rays lead to premature aging and wrinkling, and not protecting against UVB rays can play a major factor in the development of skin cancer. So with vitamin C and E together, they make for the perfect duo when it comes to fighting signs of aging.

I know that was a lot of information, but bear with me.

Like mentioned earlier, black tea is high in magnesium, potassium and zinc. When it comes to magnesium, it is not only beneficial in preventing redness and restoring hormonal imbalance, but it also improves and speeds up cellular process—similar to what vitamin B2 can do. Potassium is excellent at curing dry skin—the type of skin that loves to put on wrinkles after wrinkles. Like magnesium, it supports the growth of new cells, preventing cracked and dull skin.

However, zinc, in my opinion, is the star out of all stars when it comes to fighting aging. While it is not necessarily the first thing you think of when it comes to treating your skin, zinc works similarly to an antioxidant by lessening the formation of damaging free radicals and protects the skin’s lipids. It also protects fibroblasts, which are the cells that produce collagen when your skin is exposed to pollution and UV lights. Zinc doesn’t like to penetrate too deep into skin—which makes it the perfect mineral for people with sensitive skin.

Black tea is also known for its ability to reduce puffiness—you can place used, moist tea bags under your eyes to reduce morning time puffiness that we ALL dread (killing two birds with one stone).

So what now? Time to incorporate black tea into your skincare routine ASAP! Go brew yourself a cup (or two) of black tea and drink it like there’s no tomorrow—after all, beauty does come from inside out. But remember to save those teabag babies, pop it in the fridge overnight, and you got instant undereye-bag-zapping-magic!

If you want to really dedicate yourself to fighting signs of aging, check out the A.True line featuring products formulated with black tea from “La Compagnie Coloniale,” one of the oldest tea brands in France:

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