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Trend Report: “Skip Care” Routines

When you first started your skincare regime, what was one of the prospects you were most excited about? Was it gaining soft, plump, and glowing skin? Or were you looking forward to building a skincare shelf that suited your aesthetic sense of style? Everyone’s exposure to the skincare cultural shift is unique. Yet, there is this rising concern. Has our desire for perfect skin transformed into a dangerous form of overt consumerism?

The Start

The concept of the skincare regime originated in South Korea. The market promised quick solutions and a stellar appearance. The regimen consisted of ten steps: an oil cleanser, a foam/cream cleanser, a toner, an essence, an emulsion, a serum, a sheet mask, an eye cream, and moisturizer. Your last step varied depending on the time of day. If it was the morning, you would end your ritual with sunscreen. If this was your night routine, you would end this journey with a powerful cream to carry you through the night.

This extensive routine was completely customizable. It gave people the opportunity to switch out, add, or substitute certain steps with new products. Whether these products were recently released, contained a new ingredient, or were trending in the market, the options were endless. This new skincare phenomenon connected people from all walks of life. It was a form of self- expression and self-care. It sky rocketed a market that was vastly under represented. Yet, as the turnover rate increased and new brands entered the market daily, consumers began to feel overwhelmed. How could they keep up with a market that stopped caring for their own personal needs?

The Shift 

The market is over-saturated and consumers can barely keep up. As more and more skincare lovers find their regimes failing them, they find themselves turning to an unlikely source: a Dermatologist. Some fatigued skincare lovers have given up on their expensive serums and have found comfort in the arms of a professional skin expert. Dermatologist offer valuable and proactive information on how to better your skin without breaking your budget. These new patients advocate for healthier consumer lifestyles and proactive results. They want skincare lovers to find themselves outside of the marketing craze that is overshadowing the cultural movement.

However, this is not the case for everyone. Some skincare enthusiast have turned to simplifying their routine. These consumers have experienced better skin and higher results from using 2 to 4 products daily. The over arching theme of this shift deals with the relationship between self-care and the health system. While some shoppers have found comfort in their accessibility to proper care, others, who are not as lucky, are left to find different solutions to their growing concerns.

The Lesson

The self-care movement is subjective. If you find that your extensive routine is not providing you with the results you want, then perhaps you should look into other avenues of betterment. Should you find that your skin is responsive to your routine but, your bank account isn’t, then maybe a more proactive solution awaits your further down the road. Our advice is to do what’s best for you. Always be willing to learn and listen to your body. Find ways to be apart of this movement without harming yourself. As long as you are at peace with yourself, the rest is sure to follow.



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