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Trend Report: Bright Skin Care Packaging

Here’s a test: without looking at your skincare products, what packaging color is the majority in your collection? Is it white? Is it pastel pink, blue, or green? Maybe some of them come in clear packaging? Sadly, we are not psychics. All our guesses were based solely on a packaging formula that is common in the industry. Yet, there is an interesting change arriving on the horizon. A change that will take the skincare market to a whole new level.

The Formula

Skincare follows a specific formula that involves cognitive memory and instruction. To put it simply, cognition and instruction is how humans learn. We process information gathered from various instructions, perceptions, actions, and understandings. We store this new knowledge in our memory and refer back to it when confronted with a similar experience.

Product Developers and Marketers will use this decoding process to the fullest extent when creating a new product. Skincare is centered on the idea of health and wellness. As a child you learn to associate health with the hospital. This creates the image and desire for a product that appears antiseptic, white, clear, calm, and harmless. We also learn to associate soft colors as gentle, soothing and simplistic. Industry professionals use these concepts to attract you attention and favor in stores. If you see a simple white product, with a pleasant design, then you are more inclined to read the product description and perhaps purchasing the product should you find the benefits relevant to your skin.

This process of learning, recalling, and applying is one of the many ways we buy skincare. We do not always buy skincare because we happen to stumble upon it. We find it because developers have created a product that triggers our memory and encourages us to approach the product based on our learned behavior.

Neon Packaging

However, this learned behavior has taken a shift. Due to the over saturation of the skincare category, consumers are getting tried of going through the same cognitive process. Millennials and Generation Z consumers are interested in experiences. Experiences that are fun, valuable, and, most importantly, memorable. This interest has shifted the desire for soothing packaging towards loud and eye-catching visuals. They want skincare that is as interesting and unique as they are. They want a product that speaks to them.

Bright packaging is not only attractive to consumers, but to developers as well. With the success of Drunk Elephant, companies are interested in creating product designs that stand out on shelves. Colorful packaging is taking a strong hold in the industry. Its appearance allows for product differentiation and creative advertising. Overall, bright colors are a breath of fresh air in a stale market.

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The Future

Bright packaging will continue to gain traction within the industry. Indie brands and cosmetic powerhouses will use this trend to increase sales and brand recognition. Neon colors are fun and a great way to make your skincare shelf pop. Don’t be afraid to experiment and break out of the cognitive cycle. Let your skin shine loud and proud.

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