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Travel Skincare Tips


Whether you’re driving or jetting halfway across the country (or the world), summer is the ultimate vacation season of traveling and exploring new places.

But there is no question that traveling can be stressful and trying to look good while traveling is even MORE stressful.

Did you know that the humidity level of the air in airplane cabins is around 12%?  In comparison, the average humidity level in your home is over 30%!  Low humidity can cause dry skin and discomfort to the eyes, mouth, and nose.  So it goes without saying that if you’re flying, it’s important to keep your skin and body hydrated.

Here are a few Cupidrop travel tips so you can get off that plane looking better than when you got on it.

Keep in mind that the maximum amount of liquid allowed on carry-ons is 3.4 oz /100ml (Damn TSA!) so make sure you’re carrying these items in travel-size bottles.


1. Drink Plenty of Water

The small cups of water that’s offered to you on the plane are NOT enough! Keep a bottle of water handy so you can drink whenever you feel dehydrated.  That is, if you don’t want to be THAT person who constantly buzzes the flight attendant button.


2. Avoid Wearing Skinny Jeans & High Heels

Tight clothes can restrict blood flow in the already-tight space of an airplane seat. Wear comfortable and loose-fitting clothes and shoes – give your skin and feet some breathing room.


3. Pack your SPF

You’re flying at high altitudes, meaning you are closer to the sun’s harmful UV rays, especially if you are sitting in the window seat.  UV rays can penetrate through glass so if you like to keep that window open to look out once in a while, you must choose a good sunscreen with either PA+++ or a broad spectrum sign to shield your skin.  Grab a bottle of Kicho Ultra Moisturizing Sun Cream with SPF 50+/PA+++ for the flight.


4. Carry On a Mist

Mists are very useful to have so you can quickly refresh & hydrate as a pick-me-up.  3CE Fresh Aqua Mist Mini is a perfect little travel buddy to keep with you.


5. Cleanse your face with gentle cleansing water

Although it is recommended that you don’t wear makeup during your flight, sometimes circumstances can’t be helped.  At the very least, you should remove your makeup at some point during the flight. But double-cleansing and doing all of your skincare routine on a plane is not really an option…  So having some cleansing water on hand is a good idea.  A. True Sweet Song Black Tea One-Step Cleansing Water acts as a gentle makeup remover and a toner, so it’s a good way to do a quick refreshing cleanse.


6. Gentle Acid Peel

It’s hard enough to just go to the bathroom without waking up your neighbor on a plane.  Washing your face?  There’s no way.  So having a little AHA exfoliation to remove dead skin cells and sebum to freshen up might be a good idea to look clean before you get off your flight.  Lucy Beauty Market Natural AHA Peeling Giant Cotton Swab is an individually packaged, disposable, giant pre-soaked AHA cotton swab that can be conveniently used to remove dead skin cells.  Primary Raw Doyou 2-Step Face Therapy Kit also contains pre-soaked AHA cotton swab plus a sheet mask for extra pampering.


7. Sheet masks

Do some shameless pampering for your skin.  There no better way to hydrate your skin while enjoying some nice relaxation time on the plane than to put on a sheet mask.  Who cares what anybody else thinks?  You’re beautiful and you’re gonna keep working on staying beautiful!  Take your pick among 40+ different kinds of sheet masks HERE.


8. Moisturize – There’s No Such Thing As Too Much!

Combat dry air in the plane with an intense moisturizer.  Kicho Phyto Natural Moisture Cream will power up your moisture barrier for the flight.  Best part is, there’s a travel size option available (10ml!)

Or, better yet, you can even just apply a sleeping mask and go to dreamland while your skin stays supple and hydrated.  Cosrx Ultimate Nourishing Rice Overnight Spa Mask will moisturize, brighten your complexion, and deliver nutrients as you catch some Zzz…

9. Don’t forget your lips!

If your skin can dry out on flight, your lips can definitely dry out.  Frequently apply lip balm during your flight to keep your lips moisturized as well.  3CE Tinted Treatment Lip Balm contains creamy butter complex and vegetable oil to create a moisture barrier for dry lips.


Happy Summer & Safe Travels,


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