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The Vanity Table

In the U.S., most of us get our faces done in our bathrooms and we store our makeup and skin stuff away in our bathroom cabinets.  But in Korea, most women have a vanity table. A vanity table is a very important, or rather a “sacred” thing in every household.

This table would take a significant place in the bedrooms and the women would spend a good amount of time getting ready in the mornings as well as putting on their night time skincare routines.

Growing up in Korea, I remember my mom spending her early mornings in front of the vanity table putting her skincare routine on, and little me being curious about all the stuff that was on it.  Never allowed to touch anything, the vanity table was for my-mom-only-touch-and-you-die kind of territory of hers.

Now that I’m all grown up (and then some) and have my own, I thought I’d show you MY vanity table.

Yup, I managed to find and fit one in my Harlem apartment! Umm….i guess I get carried away at times but hey, we all need a little help. Right?

What’s on your vanity?

Cheers, Kate

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