Thank You, 7th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers!

We successfully wrapped up the 7th generation of Beautiful Pioneers. This round was made possible through our partnership with COSRX!


Dear 7th generation BPs: The Cupidrop family would like to express our deepest gratitude because thanks to you, our 7th Generation campaign was another success!

We distributed Cosrx’s PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream to 20 K-Beauty enthusiasts from all over the country. We also threw in a little surprise: Low pH PHA Barrier Mist—and so many BPs noted that it quickly became their favorite mist! As for the cream, we got honest feedback that were extremely thoughtful and helpful.

Here is a report on what we got from our Beautiful Pioneers:

Cosrx – PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream


A daily moisturizing cream with PHA, which helps to refine & smooth overall complexion + strengthens skin barrier over time.


This product can be used both day and night; however, if used during day time, follow up with proper SPF!


After cleansing and toning, apply desired amount onto face and gently massage in circular motions.


Most of the Beautiful Pioneers loved its moisturizing factor—since the cream is on the thicker side, it was a great product to top over all their favorite serums and hydrating agents. Some found it to be a bit too heavy, which prompted them to only use during their nighttime skincare routine. Because PHA is gentler than other acids (such as AHA & BHA), the results are bound to show up a bit slower. BPs noted that this PHA cream would be great for those with sensitive skin who want slight texture improvement but unwilling to use the heavy-duty acids due to its potential irritation.



Here are some interesting thoughts by a few of our reviewers:

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~Review~ I was sent this COSRX PHA Moisture Renewal Cream by @cupidrop.official to review and I’m here to deliver 🙏🏻 🌱Check the bio to read my full blog post about it! 🌱The second and third picture are parts of an info graphic I made that lays out the metrics/variables I used to test this product! 🌱Note: this contains PHA acid and is formulated for DRY SKIN. I have combination skin so there are parts of my face that are dry. 🌷Didn’t really do much for the oily parts of my skin—if you’re oily I wouldn’t recommend this product bc it’ll make you a little greasy. 🌷If you’re dry though-holy heaven. My skin tone TOTALLY evened out on the dry parts. I didn’t notice it while using the product but thank god I took before and after photos bc the difference is crazy. Swipe to see! It’s the last pic. This was after seven days of usage. 🌷The smell is a little weird—you are warned. 🌷I’m pretty sure it’s the Niacinamide that did the evening out. 🌷The price is pretty middle of the road at $25. 🌷Overall I liked it (how can I not with results like that) but would probably use it more in the winter than the summer. 🌱Have you tried this? (You should if you have dry skin) . . . . . . . . . #skincare #skincareproducts #cosrx #moisturizer #dryskin #koreanskincare #kbeauty #beauty

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It’s finally the weekend! So these past couple of days, I’ve been testing the @cosrx PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream and Low pH PHA Barrier Mist. I’ve been using the BHA mask here and there. So PHA is supposed to be a gentle exfoliant (gentle enough for sensitive skin). I’ve been gifted these by @cupidrop.official for review. 💧 PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream | This is a heavy, balmy gel moisturizer. A little goes a long way. It’s very hydrating and in-between lightweight and heavy. So this is the first of the two steps (or three if I’m using the sleeping mask at night). I didn’t notice much exfoliating after using it for a week and a half. It might be because I’m used to actives. I’ve had my BF test it along with me since he never exfoliates 🙄 and it hasn’t done much either. His skin is softer though. 💧 Low pH PHA Barrier Mist | This is the second step after using the moisturizer. The mist is so fine, I almost asked it out to dinner. Okay, that was terrible but the mist is so fine; I wish all mists were made like this. It claims to create a barrier to prevent moisture loss. I’ve used it both before and/or after the moisturizer but haven’t noticed much difference. 💧 Side Note | The cream has a very herbal scent. It does linger for a bit. The mask I feel, works better since it has BHA but it’s also very gentle and moisturizing. I’ll also put a code for 15% off here (once I find it). . . . . . #cupidrop #cosrx #beautifulpioneer #PHA #RenewalCream #kbeauty

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Happy Birthday to me! 🎈💁🏻‍♀️🌸 // I’ve been using the products for eight days and I am obsessed. FULL REVIEW BELOW👇🏼 • PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream is designed for dry skin and is formulated with PHA to help your skin appear smooth, dewy, and moisturized. Formulated with 3% PHA to give your skin the exfoliation it needs. Hydrates your skin with 50% coconut fruit extract and 2% niacin amide. Your skin will feels soft and hydrated in one go. • Before trying the cream and spray I had very little experience with Cosrx. I’ve only tried the pimple patches so I had no idea what to expect. The first thing I noticed is the scent of both products. It was almost nonexistent a very neutral scent. It’s pleasant and such a wonderful change from the overly scented products out there. Like the scent I enjoy the unique texture of the cream. A product with the same texture is Drunk Elephant Protini. Cosrx PHA cream feels like a gel and cream hybrid that is extremely moisturizing. A little too moisturizing if you aren’t careful. I’m an oily skin gal so moderation is key. I like to apply the cream in small bits to sink into my skin faster. The spray is an amazing touch after applying the cream. It has a gentle spray, more like a soft mist. My only con for the spray is that it doesn’t have enough product. I’m the kind of person that likes to drown in the facial mist. When I started using these product my skin was the worst it has ever been. I had redness, hard textured pimples under my skin and dry patches all over. I figured my skin couldn’t get any worse so I took the leap and tried the products instead of waiting for my skin to calm down. Now, eight days later with the help of this duo and other products my skin has reduced in redness, acne and no longer has dry patches. I am obsessed with the end results: dewy, hydrated and glowing skin.✨ Thank you to @cupidrop.official & @cosrx for allowing me to share these wonderful products with you all. 💙 • • #skincare #skincareroutine #skincareluxury #skingoodness #skincareaddict #skin #skincarecommunity #sephora #skincarelover @sephora #cupidrop #cosrx #beautifulpioneer #PHA #RenewalCream

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The product: Cosrx – PHA Moisture Renewal Cream Disclaimer: I received this product from @cosrx and @cupidrop.official Beautiful Pioneers 7th generation beauty for my honest review! Thank you!! 🌻 The Claims: It is a low pH (4-5) cream to help smoothen, brighten, and moisturize the skin. 🌻 The Innards: The key here is PHA. Also known as the gentler acid compared to AHA and BHAs! If you are like me, you have no experience with acids and have sensitive skin, this is a great start. Another key ingredient is the coconut extract mainly used for hydration. Warning, this can be an acne triggering ingredient! 🌻 The beauties & Sniffles: I like the packaging and how it looks! It also comes with a spatula to keep it clean, that’s a plus! I didn’t notice a scent when using the product~ 🌻 The feels: The cream is a little thick, but feels light once applied! It absorbed quickly too. I used the product mainly at night since it was a little thicker. I really liked this product! I noticed my skin feel smoother and more moisturized after using this product. Before, I felt my skin feel dry as the day went on, but after using this product my face felt moisturized all day long! Thick creams are hard for me to love because they usually break me out or cause some sort of irritation, but it’s nice to finally find one where I didn’t have to go through all that. 🌻 Bonus: Cosrx Low pH Barrier Mist is awesome! It sprays so nicely and evenly and I definitely feel it locking in my skincare routine after spraying it. This is a product I now carry around in my bag because why not? 🌻 #cupidrop #cosrx #PHA #renewalcream #kbeauty #skincare #abbeatthealgorithm #abcommunity #rasianbeauty

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Cosrx PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream Review* ☁️ As someone with sensitive skin I’m always on the look out 👀 for gentle, yet effective exfoliators. And Cosrx’s PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream fits the bill perfectly! It’s an ultra gentle cream/exfoliator in one, that promises to give softer, smoother, dewier skin by morning! ☁️ Let’s start with a quick run down on PHA (also know as Gluconolactone): Like BHA and AHA, PHA is a chemical exfoliator. It’s often referred to as a “next generation acid” for its gentleness (due to its larger molecule size) and its ability to prevent moisture loss since it’s also a humectant. These qualities make it the perfect exfoliator for those who are sensitive/experience irritation to AHA! ☁️ Notable Ingredients: •Hydrating – Coconut Fruit Extract 61.15% (🥥note: this is coconut extract NOT coconut oil so it’s not heavy) •Exfoliating – PHA 3% •Brightening – Niacinamide 2% pH 4.0±1 Bonus: This product is cruelty free and made without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, petrolatum, synthetic preservatives, dyes or fragrances! ☁️ For the past ten days I’ve ditched all of my other exfoliators and put this cream to the test! So how did it do? Well, for starters, the texture is amazing! It’s rich and balmy, yet lightweight enough that it doesn’t ever feel greasy or sticky. It would definitely make a great night cream for any skin type, not just dry skin! (🔆You can apply it during the day too just remember to apply sunscreen🔆) Like with most things, it takes time to see results. I didn’t notice much of a difference after the first night, but by day three I noticed the rough, dry patches on my jawline were noticeably smoother and soft to the touch! And each morning I would wake up to bright, dewy skin! I found that I got better results when I applied the Low pH PHA Barrier Mist (also by @cosrx) (which, by the way, gives the finest cloud of mist I have ever seen, it puts other mist nozzles to shame!) beforehand or when I simplified my routine to go: cleanser, PHA mist, then PHA cream. (Maybe because it was as close to bare skin as possible, it exfoliated better 🤷🏻‍♀️) [CONTINUED IN COMMENTS]

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Happy Easter and April Fools Day! What are you doing to celebrate either/both holidays? . Review: @cosrx PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream PHA, or polyhydroxy acid, acts as a mild chemical exfoliant and attracts moisture to the skin. Due to its larger molecule size, PHA cannot penetrate deep into the skin, making PHA a gentle acid suitable for sensitive skin. This cream is very thick and hydrating; I use this as a nighttime moisturizer to give it enough time to sink in. The acid did not irritate my skin at all but it did give off the usual lemony sour scent that most acid products have. In terms of usage, I use this when I need a really heavy moisturizer on days where my eczema can tolerate a bit of acid. I still use Dr. Jart Ceramidin when I need something really soothing and hydrating. . #cosrx Low pH PHA Barrier Mist This has quickly become my favorite skin mist. It has the finest misting spray that I’ve ever encountered – super gentle and easy to apply evenly. I use this as my last step before sunscreen in the mornings. It helps retain the moisture I just applied and leaves a slightly sticky residue. I also spray it on throughout the day and the fine mist keeps my skin hydrated without disturbing whatever makeup I have on. . Thank you to @cupidrop.official for this opportunity to test out and review these products. You can buy both of them on . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #kbeautyblogger #kbeauty #onmytable #beautycommunity #beautytip #skincareroutine #skincareaddict #abcommunity #skincare #koreanskincare #instaskincare #shelfie #instabeauty #thatsdarling #skincarecommunity #skincarejunkie #abbeatthealgorithm #skincareluxury #igtopshelfie #igskincare #discoverunder10k #discoverunder5k #cupidrop #cosrx #pha #renewalcream

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HUGE thank you to every reviewer:

Charlotte K. – @thebeautyballerina

Bridgette M. – @cleansemoisturize

Jessica O.D. – @touchmyfaceu

Madalyn W. – @littlehauls

Freya P. – @fjp82075

Maricar M.M. – @cutiedoki

Xianzhen D. – @dengthatglo

Michelle S. – @thecatandsnail

Elizabeth Q. – @devotedtodew

Stephanie G. – @xoxo.stephbeauty

Jessica M. – @moorefinesse

Wendy G. – @hapaskin

Sally H. –

Candice B. – @misscandiceb

Christylle I. – @indulgentskin

Jiwon H. – @g1_hwang

Audrey A. – @rosycheeksreview

Alexandria T. – @everythingkskincare

Amee H. – @loveskinandmore

Carson B. – @carsonbunting



If you’d like to try out the PHA Moisture Renewal Power Cream, click HERE.

If you’d like to try out the Low pH PHA Barrier Mist, click HERE.

If you missed your chance to apply for this generation, no worries—just watch out for the next recruitment. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, as that is where we make all Beautiful Pioneers-related announcements.

Thank you again to all of our 7th Gen. Beautiful Pioneers as well as Cosrx for making this possible. This party is not over, we’ve already in the midst of hosting the 8th generation (please refer to our main page for more details). 

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With love,

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