Thank You, 2nd Generation Beautiful Pioneers!

If you follow us on our blog post as well as our SNS, you are probably aware that we’ve been conducting a campaign called ‘Beautiful Pioneers.’ Our 1st Generation was a huge success, so we decided to do it AGAIN—and of course, it was another successful round.

The Cupidrop family would like to express our deepest gratitude because thanks to you, our 2nd Generation campaign was just as amazing!

We distributed the Meg Cosmetics Two Step Jelly Mask to 40 K-Beauty enthusiasts from all over the country. We got helpful, honest feedback (both positive and somewhat negative), but all of our Beautiful Pioneers offered valuable thoughts that helped us to see what needs to be embraced and what needs to be adjusted.

Here is a report on what we got from our Beautiful Pioneers:



A two-step jelly mask kit that moisturizes, firms, and soothes the skin for an improved complexion. Its jelly essence is safe to use on sensitive skin types and helps to moisturize, soften, and even out overall skin tone. Essence also contains Artificial Moisturizing Factor (AMF), a nano type of artificial hydration element that has been patented and proven to have a moisture wrapping effect on the skin for 120 hours.


Step 1 – Use after Cleansing. Detach Step 1 and gently sweep across your face with pre-soaked cotton swab starting from your forehead, cheeks, chin, nose to your neck. Concentrate on areas with blackheads such as your nose. AHA Peeling Swab is soaked in natural AHA to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and prep the skin for maximum essence absorption ability.

Step 2 –  Place the jelly mask and leave on for 10-20 minutes. Remove mask and gently pat to let skin absorb the remaining essence. It contains natural ingredients such as jasmine tea extract, pomegranate extract, damask rose extract, and lotus flower extract to deliver beneficial nutrients to the skin.


For anytime—really! However, it is best effective for when your skin needs that extra boost in hydration and firmness.


The reviews were mixed—but mainly positive. Many said that using the mask gave them an immediate brightening effect as well as intense moisture. The jelly mask comes with a large amount of jelly, which was a huge thumbs up for many reviewers. Some, however, noted that it was too much—making the mask overwhelming. One reviewer mentioned that it was so soaked that they had to lay down while using the mask.


Here are some interesting thoughts from our reviewers:

“The mask was surprisingly full of essence; so much that it was literally dripping! I had enough leftover to cover my neck, chest, and arms.” ~courtesy of @sarahjeangirl


“After I took it off, I noticed an immediate difference in my dry, tired skin.” ~courtesy of @sammysweetmcd


“Aside from the refreshing cooling feeling I felt while using this mask, my entire complexion looked calmer afterwards.” ~courtesy of @halfpastoctober


“Even when I went to sleep without applying any other products, I felt like I still had a glow when I woke up.” ~courtesy of @pommy48


THANK YOU again to all of our Beautiful Pioneers as well as Meg Cosmetics for making this possible.

Beautiful Pioneers is not over, so keep your eyes peeled for what we’re going to do next.

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With lots of love,

Jenny from Cupidrop

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