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Thank You, 15th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers!

Another round of Beautiful Pioneers has successfully concluded! A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the 15th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers—it was your contribution that made this round another great success!


For the 15th round of Beautiful Pioneers, we offered up The Vegan Glow’s Mild Foam Cleanser, Good Morning Cream, and Good Night Cream. It’s a gentle moisture-boosting trio that soothes, protects, and improves skin elasticity, and is safe to use for all skin types.

Glow up with this sustainable, cruelty-free bundle of refining goodness made with EWG green level ingredients.

Hop in and see what our Beautiful Pioneers had to say:


The Vegan Glow  Mild Foam Cleanser


A hypoallergenic and vegan formula that washes away dirt and impurities for a fresh and refined canvas.

It contains natural ingredients such as coconut-derived surfactants and has no fragrance.


Before applying toner.


Step 1. Dispense onto clean hands.
Step 2. Gently massage onto wet face in circular motions.
Step 3. Rinse off thoroughly with lukewarm water.

The Vegan Glow Good Morning Cream



This lightweight moisturizer nourishes and protects the skin. Cacao Seed Butter locks in moisture while Vitamin E ensures skin is nourished.

Subtle hints of Rosemary make this hydrating cream a simple solution to soothing irritations.


At the last step of your morning skincare routine.


Step 1. Apply and gently massage onto face until fully absorbed.


The Vegan Glow Good Night Cream


It is formulated with Vitamin E and Adenosine to improve skin elasticity and help fight signs of aging.

Detoxify and improve the skin with this quick absorbing, airy moisturizing cream.


At the last step of your nighttime skincare routine.


Step 1. Apply and gently massage onto face until fully absorbed.


Here are some interesting reviews by BP 15 participants:

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***First impressions skincare review that will be updated!! Products are gifted **** I applied for a reviewer event with @cupidrop for the @the.vegan.glow brand and was glad to be selected.So far, here my thoughts so far on one of the products. I’m not testing on my face yet since I got hormonal acne but once it clears, I’ll update you all! Product: Vegan glow night cream. Product type: Cream product Days tested: December 9,2019 Climate: Rainy dry winters My skin: dry sensitive with hormonal acne . Price: $35 on vegan glow Compatibilities so far: -It did passed the mositurizing test! -No breakouts so far! Incompatibilities: -Price range is above what I would buy. Inconclusive: -Have not tested on face or neck yet but will update. -Have not tested cleanser or good morning cream. Overall, I have wanted to try this brand for a while because of their brand philosophy. I can’t wait to update you more and will give more info later on! In the third picture, you can see me test on my hand! #kbeauty #veganglow #beautyreview #beautyfirstimpressions #skincare #skincarereview #firstimpressions #cleanbeauty #rasianbeauty #asianbeauty #beautyblog#beautifulpioneers#cupidrop#15thgenerationpioneers#theveganglow

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I’m so grateful to have been chosen by @cupidrop to be one of their Beautiful Pioneers for their campaign with @the.vegan.glow The Vegan Glow offers “True Vegan Skincare” from Korea that uses no animal-derived ingredients, isn’t tested on animals, is EWG Green certified, and uses clean ingredients including no artificial fragrances. I received three products. The first, The Vegan Glow Mild Foam Cleanser, is currently my new favorite general-purpose cleanser. It is incredible mild without sacrificing effectiveness, with a pH level of 5.5. The 100 ml tube is great to keep in the shower, and dispenses just the right amount. It has no fragrance (which I love), no parabens, no sulfates (SLS and SLES), no phthalates, no silicone and no Dimethicone. It sells for $16. The second product, Good Morning Cream, is a fantastic daily moisturizer. It is enriched with Cacao Seed Butter and Panthenol (Provitamin B5), and both hydrates and protects from moisture loss. The one thing that would stop me from using this every day is the lack of SPF. I prefer to use a single day cream for both hydration and sun-protection, but will keep using this one for now in conjunction with an SPF. It is light, non-greasy, non-comedogenic, and absorbs into the skin quickly. Because of that it is easy to layer other products over it. It sells for $28 for 50ml. The third product is the Good Night Cream. It is enriched with Vitamin E (Tocopherol) and Adenosine, and while it is a very light formula it is also really hydrating. It is meant to moisturize and prevent wrinkles.  It leaves the skin very smooth and soft. This Night Cream is not as thick as many I have tried, but it absorbs quickly and as I love to finish my nighttime routine with a few drops of facial oil it is a good fit. Both of the cream bottles are airless so the cream stays fresh and hygienic. They also pump out exactly the right amount of product. The Night Cream sells for $35 for 50ml. I am thoroughly impressed with all three of these products. All the products are designed to minimize the risk of allergic reactions and other hazards, and are perfect for sensitive skin. I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, but I am sen

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I was lucky enough to be selected to be a part of @cupiddrop’s 15th Generation Beautiful Pioneers! We got the whole set of products to try from @the.vegan.glow which includes: the Good Morning Cream, Good Night Cream, & the Mild Foaming Cleanser. In this review, I’m gonna talk about the two creams, & will add a review about the cleanser in a separate post. Let’s get into it! . The Vegan Glow is a clean, vegan brand that is inspired by nature, & enhanced by science. Their products also contain EWG green ingredients.⁣ ⁣. These are the claims from The Vegan Glow about their creams: 🌱Good Morning Cream: Enriched with Cacao Seed Butter and Panthenol (Provitamin B5), this day cream protects your skin against moisture loss while providing both nutrition and hydration. 🌱Good Night Cream: Enriched with Vitamin E (Tocopherol) and Adenosine, this product will moisturize your skin and prevent wrinkles. The light-weight formula ensures quick absorption and leaves a soft and smooth finish. . The Good Morning Cream is light in texture, doesn’t feel greasy or heavy on the skin, & it layers on the face very well. Has a bit of an herbal smell to it, but it’s light and doesn’t aggravate the nose or your skin. I love using this in the mornings, it’s a great base before sunscreen & primer & stays on the skin beautifully. . The Good Night Cream is heavier in texture but still doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. Layers on the face well, & absorbs into the skin nicely. I wake up to soft, moisturized skin everytime! ⁣. In the end, this brand is great! I wasn’t expecting much, but I was highly surprised. It’s also great that these products are clean & vegan. So people on the clean skincare wagon can use them as well! I would definitely spend my coin on these items! . 🏷: #cupidrop #beautifulpioneers #15thgenerationbeautifulpioneers #theveganglow. #KBeauty. #SkincareRoutine. #KBeautyAddict. #AsianSkincare. #ABCommunity. #PRGifted. #PRSample. #SkincareReview. #SkincareBlogger. #YesStyleInfluencer. #DiscoverUnder2k. #꿀피부. #뷰티스타그램. #뷰티. #스킨케어.

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I was lucky enough to be selected for @cupidrop’s 15th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers, with the opportunity to review three products from @the.vegan.glow. I’ve been using them in both my morning and evening routines since I got them, and want to share my thoughts! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The Vegan Glow’s packaging is clean yet informative – the boxes all have the ingredient lists accompanied by a “hazard score” – how like the ingredients are to irritate skin. The brand is also cruelty free and vegan. The bottles themselves are well designed – I had no issues with the moisturizer pumps even though the products are a little on the thicker side. Also, green is my favorite color, so I’m enjoying seeing the bottles next to my sink! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ I love a good foaming cleanser, and the Mild Foam Cleanser has been great! It foams up, rinsed off my first cleanser with no issue, and doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped. My home pH labels put it between a 5-6 on the pH scale, which works for my skin. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The Good Morning Cream has fit right into my morning routine – it’s light yet hydrating, but not cloying. It’s a little too light for the rapidly drying winter air, but paired with hydrating products underneath I’ve been able to make it work. Key ingredients are centella and rosemary leaf oil. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The Good Night Cream is slightly heavier than the Morning cream, and feels a little more cloying on my skin. Key ingredients are more centella, Shea butter, and bergamot fruit oil. I’ve been able to add a facial oil on top with no issues. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The products all have an earthy scent that I didn’t find terrible. If I were to purchase any of these, it would likely be the cleanser – it gets the job done and has a short, yet effective ingredient list. Thank you so much to Cupidrop and The Vegan Glow for letting me try these out!

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🧼When Your Skin Goes Crazy, GBTTB🧼 ••• 🧟I don't know why, but I started getting all these tiny bumps over my cheeks for some reason starting 6pm-ish. I don't know if it's because of the Ramen thing I ate, or the Taiyaki, or the four Tacos, or the random Lime I squeezed in my water. I don't know what's going on so I'm getting my skincare simple to let my skin breathe a bit. ••• 🛁@the.vegan.glow Mild Foam Cleanser – Mild cleanser for a face that needs mild lovin'. My face needs mildness. 💦 Supple Preparation Facial Toner – MY STAPLE. MY HOLY GRAIL. I just wanted to use something I know won't ruin my face. 🌱@imfrom_official Mugwort Essence – Gentle and hydrating and mAGWeRt is good for your skin. Herbal and delicious so PLEASE HEAL ME. 💧@oxygenceuticals B5 Gel – Not many people know but Vitamin B5 is actually great for moisture. OxygenCeuticals makes a super clean oil free, gel type serum so it's beautiful. 👁@mamonde_us Age Control Power Eye Cream – Still going strong with this. Probably going to just write down that I'm using this and not really comment on it in the future since it's like always here LOL. 🌑 Midnight Blue Calming Cream – Love using this if I have an allergic reaction to something or my face is raw from overexfoliating. CALM MY FACE DOWN. Go to sleep. ••• 🌟Good night . . . . . #yayayayoung #theveganglow #imfrom #oxygenceuticals #mamonde #klairs #klairsglobal #wishtrend #kbeauty #skincareroutine #dailyskincare #igtopshelfie #fridaythe13th #TGIF #clearskin #glassskin

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Click photos to check out their full reviews! 🤗


HUGE thank you to every reviewer:

Deanna N. – @skincareaffairs

Emily W. – @agelessandradiant

Jasmine M. – @sheetmaskshawty

Juliana C. – @jacmakeup

Young Y. – @yayayayoung



If you’d like to try out The Vegan Glow products, click HERE.

If you missed your chance to apply for this generation, no worries—just watch out for the next recruitment. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, as that is where we make all Beautiful Pioneers-related announcements.

Thank you again to all of our 15th Gen. Beautiful Pioneers. 

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With love,

Cupidrop Team

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