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Thank you, 14th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers!

Another round of Beautiful Pioneers has successfully concluded! A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the 14th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers—it was your contribution that made this round another great success!


For the 14th round of Beautiful Pioneers, we offered up Glam Up’s 2 Step Spot Care Micro-needle Patch. It is a perfect double care patch solution that heals and clarifies trouble spots.

Blemishes are a thing of the past as long as you have GLAM UP by your side.

Hop in and see what we got from our Beautiful Pioneers:


Glam Up – 2 Step Spot Care Micro-needle Patch


These micro-needle and hydrocolloid patches as a two-step pimple patch solution formulated with Salicylic Acid, Tea Tree Oil, Calendula Oil extracts and Camellia Flowers to heal and clarify trouble spots overnight.

The micro-needle patches contain very fine dissolving needles used to help treat cystic or nodular acne and deliver active ingredients to a deeper layer of the skin.

WHEN:  After cleansing before applying toner.


Step 1. After cleansing, use a towel to dry the troubled area.
Step 2. Peel back an appropriately sized patch for the individual blemish
Step 3. Gently press adhesive side over blemish, covering completely


The Beautiful Pioneers were pleased to use the micro-needle patch that heals the deeper zits. The patches were super easy to apply to skin and adhered to skin remarkably well. After they used this micro-needle pimple patch, pimples, acne, and zits have disappeared and never returned!


Here are some interesting reviews by BP 14 participants:





Click photos to check out their full reviews! 🤗


HUGE thank you to every reviewer:

Jasmine M. – @sheetmaskshawty

Vicki F.  – @moon.elan.aesthetic

Michele M. – @colebiancardi



If you’d like to try out Glam Up products, click HERE.

If you missed your chance to apply for this generation, no worries—just watch out for the next recruitment. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, as that is where we make all Beautiful Pioneers-related announcements.

Thank you again to all of our 14th Gen. Beautiful Pioneers. 

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With love,

Cupidrop Team

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