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Thank you, 11th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers!

That’s a wrap! A huge thank you to everyone who participated in the 11th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers—it was another great success and thank you to JUMISO for being our partner.


For the 11th round of Beautiful Pioneers, we partnered up with Jumiso to bring back Have a Good Cream with Snail & Centella. It contains two ingredients that always gets the community buzzing so we knew we had to feature it again.

Here is a report on what we got from our Beautiful Pioneers:

2. Jumiso – Have A Good Cream


An everyday cream infused with snail mucin and centella asiatica to help repair damage and even out hyper-pigmentation. It is also intensely hydrating because it contains squalene—a highly effective emollient that’s rich in antioxidants.


Morning and evening


At the end of your skincare routine, apply a generous layer all over the face.


-Have A Good Cream-

As expects, many Beautiful Pioneers reported that they were initially pulled in by the much loved ingredients; snail mucin and centella asiatica. These ingredients garnered a cult following for a reason! One BP reported that they used the cream on their acne and noticed that it quickly helped to soothe irritation. Another tester noted that this cream is too light of a moisturizer to be used during the winter months however it does absorb into the skin quickly and without the heavy feeling making it a better choice for the summer time. Many BPs said that the cream had a pleasant citrusy scent that disperses after absorbing into the skin.


Here are some interesting thoughts by a few of our reviewers:


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Jumiso Have A Good Cream . I’m a sucker for skincare, that’s no secret. Creams are one of my weaknesses – I always feel like I need to try more of them! When I had the opportunity to try out a new moisturizer with snail mucin and centella extract, I absolutely could not say no. . What makes these ingredients stand out to me? Snail mucin is widely know amongst the skincare community for its skin restoring properties; it’s great for healing acne, irritation, and boosting collagen production. Centella is not only a nice soothing ingredient, but can also help lighten acne spots and scarring. . The first thing I noticed about this Cream is the texture – it looks creamy and almost gel-like in the jar. It feels tad thicker to the touch, and does sit atop my skin with just a simple application. But if I pat it in it does leave a smooth semi-matte finish. The scent is very mild, but I pick up hints of citronella. I’ll be honest, I like it a lot. It feels refreshing when I smell it, but the scent does disappear quickly. . My skin is fairly combination – I have an oily tzone but normal (sometimes dry) cheeks. My skin also shows signs of aging. That being said, this moisturizer worked really well for me the past couple weeks. It absorbs nicely, leaves my skin plump and hydrated, doesn’t increase oiliness or break me out, and seems to have helped freshen my complexion with regular use. I’m very grateful to @cupidrop and @hello_skin_official for allowing me to participate in the 11th generation Beautiful Pioneers, and test out this new-found lovely item! You can purchase the Jumiso Have A Good Cream on #cupidrop #jumiso #helloskin #beautifulpioneers #beautifulpioneers11thgeneration #abbeatthealgorithm #kbeauty

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▫️Have A Good Cream by Jumiso▫️ . Can you believe that this is the first product of Jumiso that I have ever tried? The word “Jumiso” actually means “make you smile” in Korean and true to its name, this product really did make me smile! . I have a couple of ingredients I tend to look for when it comes to skincare. Centella Asiatica and Snail Secretion are among the top ones because of the benefits they give to my skin. I have dry skin and snail secretions help a lot when it comes to keeping it hydrated. Centella Asiatica’s calming and anti-inflammatory properties, on the other hand, has been helping with my breakouts. It also is a plus that both of the said ingredients have healing properties that help combat the post-acne effects my skin experiences. To have both these ingredients in one product is an absolute gift from above, and that’s exactly what this cream is to me. (For the full list of ingredients, swipe to the last pic!) . I have been searching for products to address my breakouts for a while now and none seem to work that much. So with this cream, I kept my expectations to a minimum. To experience the full effects of this product, I eliminated other products in my routine that has snail secretion and Centella in them. . [[ continued in the comment section below ]] . ▫️DISCLAIMER: I received this product from @hello_skin_official and @cupidrop as part of their 11th generation of Beautiful Pioneers in exchange for my honest thoughts about it. Thank you for the opportunity! . ❕This review is based on my personal experience. Our skin are different from each other. Whatever works for me may or may not work for you, and vice versa . . . #skincare #koreanbeauty #kbeauty #koreancosmetics #rasianbeauty #asianbeauty #asianskincare #rasianskincare #abcommunity #abblogger #skincare #skincarelover #skincarediary #skincarecommunity #skincarejunkie #skincareaddict #koreanskincare #skincareproducts #skincareroutine #igskincare #beautyblogger #jumiso #11thgeneration #helloskin #haveagooddaycream #cupidrop #beautifulpioneers #beautifulpioneers11thgeneration #texturetuesday #abbeatthealgorithm

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happy #texturetuesday! . @hello_skin_official Jumiso Have a Good Cream . This little guy is a moisturizer that soothes, hydrates, and brightens. Key ingredients include snail mucin for moisturization and centella asiatica for its anti-inflammatory properties. It’s on the watery side, so I prefer to use it only in the morning, but you can use it day or night. I would say it’s a bit lighter than the Beauty of Joseon Dynasty Cream. There’s this light, fresh and citrusy scent, which is totally my jam. I love a good citrus scent. I’ve been using this for a week or two now and I like it for its initial hydration, but it needs to be sealed in with a balm or oil if I want its effect to last longer. . This goes for $24 @cupidrop’s website. . *I received this product as part of #cupidrop beauty pioneers program. All thoughts and opinions stated are my own though. . . . . . #skincareaddict #skincareproducts #instaskincare #skincarediary #igskincare #skincarejunkie #skincare #beautyblog #koreanbeauty #asianbeauty #dryskin #bblogger #beautycommunity #discoverunder5k #abcommunity #discoverunder10k #abbeatthealgorithm #skincareobsessed #skincarecommunity #palmbffs #californiablogger #palmcrew23 #beautyblogger #jumiso #helloskin

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Jumiso Have A Good Cream is a fast-absorbing facial cream which designed to improve skin softness and hydrate from the inside out. This cream contains ingredients to nourish, heal, calm and brighten such as Snail and Centella Asiatica. This lightweight cream spreads like silk and restoring radiance and moisture to the skin. This Jumiso cream is a nice consistency, it is rich but it’s not greasy. A little goes a long way, I just apply a small dab to my face and massage gently into my skin. This moisturizer is very light and absorbs well, it doesn't leave any heavy and oily feeling behind and it makes my face soft and radiant. I really like that this cream goes on smoothly and evenly. It also works well under my makeup, there is no greasy shine and it leaves my skin dewy and glowing. There is no strong fragrance to it and it’s not caused any rashes or irritation to my sensitive skin. If you are looking for a moisturizer for colder weather, I highly recommend Jumiso Have A Good Cream. I was lucky to be selected as one of the 11th generation of Cupidrop Beautiful Pioneers and I received this product from @cupidrop.official and @hello_skin_official for free in exchange of my honest and unbiased review. . . . . . #cupidrop #jumiso #helloskin #beautifulpioneers #beautifulpioneers11thgeneration

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[helloskin mini-review] happy friday! do you like helloskin skincare products?☺️ . i’ve been lucky enough to try not only masks, but also the latest helloskin’s releases: aha toner, vit c serum and centella mucin cream. now, i am deeply in love with the toner and the serum, but have mixed feelings about this cream. are you ready for a mini-review?😁let’s go! . description:”an everyday cream infused with snail mucin and centella asiatica to help repair damage and even out hyper-pigmentation. it is also intensely hydrating because it contains squalene – a highly effective emollient that’s rich in antioxidants”. what skin types? all skin types. it is acne-prone skin safe, does not clog the pores or causes the pimples. . key ingredients: centella and snail mucin. excellent! “intensely hydrating”? not a chance! even a first-grader knows that mucin-containing skincare products are not hydrating or moisturizing at all. so you have to top it all with some kind of a moisturizer. what it does then? it repairs your skin and evens the color. that’s it. no hydration, it’s not really a great moisturizer, it does something different. . results and my impressions: my skin likes this cream, but keep in mind that its main functions are refining your skin and healing some kind of a damage, such as post acne dark spots. it is not hydrating, but it’s still safe for all skin types, including combination and acne-prone. . #365skincare#discoverunder2k#kskincare#rasianbeaty#skincaretips#skincarecommunity#kbeautyjunkie#kbeautyreview#kbeautyaddict#thebeautycommunity#cupidrop#11thgeneration#jumiso#helloskin#snailnation#mucin#friyay

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[First Impression] . . Love at fist sight? Keeping reading to find out! . . [The Product] I totally had an oooooh lala moment when I first saw @hello_skin_official Jumiso Have a Good Cream. The packaging is just cuteness overload plus I love the infographic concept. And…the 2 main ingredients that are highlighted are few of my favorite ingredients in skincare…Snail and Centella Asiatica! . . [What it Claims] To deeply hydrate, soothes any irritation and optimally repairs the skin! . . [Scent and Texture] Very fresh and notes of citrus. It was slightly too strong but upon application it quickly dissipates. I hardly noticed the scent. Texture is creamy but applies like a gel type, goes on smoothly and absorbs weightlessly. . . [My Thoughts] I love the formula of this cream. But I did have my doubts because the texture is so light. I initially thought that this product will not give ample amount of hydration for my dry skin but I was totally wrong. This cream is very hydrating and stayed hydrated throughout the day. It layers well plus it sits very well under makeup. I also add few drops of facial oil during PM routine or whenever my skin felt extra dry (due to cold weather). . On one other note, due to stress (holiday and hectic life lol) my skin went through a bad flare ups. My skin was red and I broke out like a teenager. This cream really worked wonders. It just felt so soothing and hydrating without heaviness or greasiness. All it took was using the product once..and I knew this cream will be one of my favorites! . . I am absolutely in love this this formula. . . Courtesy of @cupidrop thank you for this opportunity. I’m completely in love! #beautifulpioneers . . #kbeauty #helloskin #jumiso #beautifulpioneers #cupidrop #kbeautyreview #헬로스킨 #주미소 #haveagoodcream #abcommunity #abbeatthealgorithm #skincareroutine #skincarecommunity #abcommunitylove

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HUGE thank you to every reviewer:

Elizabeth Q. – @devotedtodew

Aidymarie V. -@aidymarie

Mia H. -@thebookofglow

Amy F. – @itsfeisian

Jerri G. – @thedeilyskin

Xianzhen D. -@dengthatglo

Melissa T. – @mellamaybe

Pamela W. – @thepambeauty

Setareh Z. – @byeol_food

Sandra C. –

Maritza R. – @maritzarguezr

Kristine W. – @krisssjulya

Ames H. -@loveskinandmore

Samantha P. – @halfpastoctober

Juliana S. – @jacmakeup



If you’d like to try out Jumiso’s new skincare line, click HERE.

If you missed your chance to apply for this generation, no worries—just watch out for the next recruitment. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, as that is where we make all Beautiful Pioneers-related announcements.

Thank you again to all of our 11th Gen. Beautiful Pioneers as well as Hello Skin for making this possible. 

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With love,

Cupidrop Team

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