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Simpler Steps For A Busy Girl

You’ve probably heard of the popular 10-step Korean skincare routine by now, Right?

Well, I’m Korean but I can’t say I do all of the 10 steps because I have to walk my dogs, exercise, go grocery shopping, eat…yeah, I’ve got things to do! Don’t we all.

Of course, Spending time and effort on all 10 steps (now I’m even seeing 12 steps) will result in flawless skin but frankly, who has the time?

Don’t worry, don’t panic because…..Here I have created a cheat sheet for y’all. I call it.. the

“Simpler Steps For A Busy Girl”

I’ve gathered what is absolutely necessary on daily routines, but of course there are optional steps you can skip or add.

1. Pre Cleanse + Cleanse
We all know about double cleansing. This is a must for your night time routine to remove makeup and debris that’s accumulated throughout the day. Pre-cleanse with oil cleanser or cleansing water (I like cleansing water in the summer) then thoroughly clean face using foam cleanser.    Shop Step1

2. Tone
Toner restores skin’s pH balance and softens & preps your skin for the next step. Toner also shrinks pores, refreshes as it moisturizes – choose your toner according to your skin’s needs depending on your skin condition.    Shop Step2



3. Enhance
Essence / serum
Skin renewal, brighten and firm skin with your favorite essence or serum. Essences and serums achieve similar results but different in texture, both addressing specific issues.    Shop Step3



4. Treat
Ampoule + eye cream
Ampoules are similar to essence and serum but filled with higher concentration of active ingredients to target your skin concerns. Since Essence, serum and ampoule are all in the same family, you can skip one of the steps (step 3 or 4) but the eye cream is an absolute necessary so do use an eye cream to Nourish and renew delicate eye area.    Shop Step4


5. Hydrate
Lotion / cream
Apply lotion and sunscreen to hydrate and protect from harmful UVA & UVB rays. For the night time, apply lotion and night cream to lock in moisture and deliver nutrients.     Shop Step5



6. The Extras – Weekly Regimens
Treat your skin 2-3 times a week with sheet masks, sleeping packs and scrubs to rejuvenate and Revitalize. This is extra pampering for your skin, use desired products to give your skin that extra boost.    Shop Step6

Still overwhelmed?
Just keep in mind the layering order should be from lighter consistency to thicker.

It won’t kill you if you miss a step or two – for example, the step 3 and step 4 are similar since both steps target specific skin concerns. Step 5 – since lotions and creams are both moisturizing agent, you can skip the lotion at night time and apply a good night cream.

But most importantly,
don’t forget your sunscreens in your morning routines
and the double cleansing at night for clear, flawless complexion.

Ta ta!

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