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Shape It Up – Get The Best Shape For Your Face

We’re bidding farewell… to untidy eyebrows!  The right eyebrows catered to your unique features can give your face more dimensions and enhance your features.  Here are some tips to get the eyebrow shape that suit your face.

Soft, Rounded Brows

Raise and fill in the arch but in a rounded shape to widen space between the brows & eyes – this creates an appearance of bigger eyes.  Fill in the sparse area to create a soft rounded arch, using a brush & pencil, then blend well for a natural finish.

Angled Brows

Contour & shade the area where nose & brows meet.  This creates an illusion of a higher nose bridge, shortening the width of the nose.  Fill in the brows with a pencil, creating an angle to form an arch – this softens the wide features.

Straight, boy brows

A straight, short eyebrow shape shortens the appearance of a long face – give up the arch and fill in the brows for a straight line.  Sweep across brow mascara to add volume.

Tip:  For a quick & easy brow lift – all you need is a highlighter!

Simple trick that can take years off your eyes!  Just highlight the brow bone to give a look of an eyelift (without surgery, yay!) Apply soft highlighter under the eyebrow along the arch! See The Eyebrow

Cheers to perfectly groomed brows!


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