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REPOST: 6 Korean Beauty Products That Will Change Your Beauty Routine Forever

via Cosmopolitan, originally published February 2015:

Chances are you have your favorite staple beauty products that you buy stateside at your local drugstore and Sephora, but what you really need in your life are some Korean beauty products from abroad. “The Koreans are so advanced with their technology and their products are very safe because each one requires a ton of certifications, since everything has to go through the Korean Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) before it goes on the market,” says Mary Schook, licensed aesthetician and cosmetic chemist. Here are her recommendations for products that will leave you with the most gorgeous skin ever. The best part? Even though they’re coming from across the world, they’re affordable!

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2. COSRx Acne Pimple Master Patch. These badass gel-like blemish stickers keep you from picking at/popping your pimples and contain salicylic acid that helps break down dead skin and unplug clogged pores. Bonus: Keeping your breakout covered also keeps more bacteria from getting into it, which would cause it to spread. The stickers can also be used to prevent a cystic breakout from fully developing — simply put a patch over it to stop it in its tracks! To apply, peel the sticker from the backing sheet and pop it over your pimple before you go to sleep. When you wake up, expect a white opaque dot over the blemish, which indicates that the sebum has been pulled out of the pore. Once you peel the sticker away, you’ll see that the pimple is mostly gone (there may still be a little redness, but the infection will be handled)!

3. SkinMiso Nose Pack Blackhead Remover. This miracle worker of a product is a three-step process that legitimately works. First, you apply the blackhead/whitehead removal mask over clean skin, making sure it lays snug against your nose. During this step, the dead skin is broken down, which loosens the blackhead so it may be removed. After you peel the first strip away, use a cotton swab or washcloth and circular motions to sweep the blackheads away. Next, apply the pore-tightening strip. Lastly, there’s an oil-control serum that helps seal your pores and regulate future oil production. Voilà, you’re blackhead-free!

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6. COSRx Silk Finger Pods. These silk finger pods are made from 100 percent natural silk cocoons (don’t worry, zero silk worms were harmed in collecting these — if you don’t believe me, watch this) and are perfect for exfoliating sensitive skin. Silk worms create them to protect themselves as they transition from silk worms to moths. When they’re ready to leave their cocoons, they exit by secreting a yellow liquid called lytic enzyme, which creates a hole in the cocoon for the moth to fly out of. Kind of gross, I know, but then the cocoons are dried out and cleaned, and the hole is made larger for human fingers to fit inside, so you can gently buff your skin with the silkiest exfoliator ever without tearing or roughing up your complexion.

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