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RECRUITMENT: 5th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers

We know it’s been a couple months since we wrapped up 4th generation of Beautiful Pioneers, so we’re more than ready to meet our 5th Generation Members!

If you don’t remember what Beautiful Pioneers is, here’s a quick refresher:

Cupidrop is always out on the hunt for new and innovative products in the K-Beauty market, but we love doing so with the beauty community. We’re always looking for more ways to meet, connect and share thoughts with all beauty lovers.

Thus, Beautiful Pioneers is born. We are looking for a group of honest, energetic, and open-minded Pioneers who jump at the chance to try new things and are willing to review with all perspectives taken into account. Your thoughts matter and we want to hear them.

“A Beautiful Pioneer is curious.

A Beautiful Pioneer is thorough.

A Beautiful Pioneer embraces and promotes beauty & individuality.”

Do you have what it takes to be a Beautiful Pioneer?

If yes, keep reading!



  1. You must be 18 or older to enter.
  2. You must reside in the United States (Sorry, internationals!)
  3. You do NOT have to be an “established” beauty blogger. We welcome all applicants. If you love K-Beauty, that’s good enough for us!

(With the above being said, we do ask for links and examples of reviews you’ve done on beauty products to hear your written voice and your expression of opinions. Thus, it helps to have a written review posted.)

  1. Your social media account(s) must be ACTIVE (meaning you are consistently using and posting).
  2. Your social media account(s) must be visible to the public (even if the account is not necessarily beauty-related).


Selection of successful applicants is based on the number of applicants, order in which your application is received, variety of skin types/skin tone, reason for wanting to be a Beautiful Pioneer, and stock availability.  We do have limited stock from our partner, By Wishtrend.

We will be selecting on a ROLLING BASIS—meaning, applicants will be consistently selected from when the applications are released until the final deadline of Friday, October 13th 2017, at 3 pm EST.  Applicants may be selected after the deadline, given that there is still stock left.


  1. Upon being selected as a Beautiful Pioneer, you are willingly consenting to the usage of your photos by Cupidrop with proper credit given to your online ID. No personal information will be given.
  2. You understand that you are given 10 days upon receiving the product to write and post a review.
  3. As with all previous BP generations, you understand that you must dedicate one post to each product you receive.
  4. You must tag and mention @cupidrop.official and/or link our website <> on your post. You must also tag and mention @bywishtrend.
  5. You must use the hashtags #cupidrop #bywishtrend #beautifulpioneer #MandelicAcid
  6. You understand that there is absolutely no guarantee of being accepted as a 5th generation Beautiful Pioneer, even if you were a previous generation member, due to stock availability and demand level.
  7. Being selected as a 5th Generation Beautiful Pioneer does NOT indicate that a consistent business relationship has been established between the individual and Cupidrop. Selection does not guarantee any future collaborations, selections, or advantages in giveaways, events, or any sort of campaign. This is not a job application. A Beautiful Pioneer is NOT an employee of Cupidrop. Once the products have been distributed and reviewed, Generation 5 of Beautiful Pioneers will automatically be disbanded.

Housekeeping matters aside, here’s the FUN part:


By Wishtrend – Mandelic Acid 5% Skin Prep Water + Multi-Function Cotton Pads

WHAT: A daily exfoliating water formulated with 5% Mandelic Acid, which is safe for sensitive skin. This acid is a form of AHA, extracted from bitter almonds. Rather than harsh, peeling exfoliants, this gentle formula lifts dead skin cells and makes a perfect base for other skincare products. With use over time, skin will look and feel smoother and brighter. And it pairs perfectly with the Multi-Function Cotton Pad, which is a double sided cotton (exfoliating & gentle).

WHEN: Safe to use everyday! For super sensitive skin, we recommend 2-3 times a week.

HOW: After cleansing, dispense product onto the Multi-Function Cotton Pad and swipe the textured side across the skin, avoiding the eye area. Then flip the cotton to use the non-textured side to smooth everything out. Follow up with moisturizer. Apply SPF if going outside and do not use this product in conjunction with other facial scrubs or products that contain AHA, BHA and Vitamin C.

Wanna get your hands on these products without waiting? Find them in the links below!




Ready for the challenge? Fill out the application form HERE to be considered for 5th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers!

Make sure to apply by Friday, October 13th, at 3PM EST.


With lots of love,

Jenny from Cupidrop

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