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RECRUITMENT: 1st Gen. of Beautiful Pioneers!

Hello there, Beauty Lovers!

We’re doing something REALLY exciting this season…

We’re recruiting the 1st generation of Beautiful Pioneers by Cupidrop!

And we want YOU.

Cupidrop is always out on the hunt for new and innovative products in the K-Beauty market, but we love doing so together with the beauty community.  We’re always looking for more ways to meet, connect, and share thoughts with all beauty lovers.

Thus, Beautiful Pioneers is born.  We are looking for a group of honest, energetic, and open-minded Pioneers who jump at the chance to try new things and are willing to review with all perspectives taken into account.  Your thoughts matter and we want to hear them.

“A Beautiful Pioneer is curious.

A Beautiful Pioneer is thorough.

A Beautiful Pioneer embraces and promotes beauty & individuality.”

Do you have what it takes to be a Beautiful Pioneer?  Yes?

Then first things first…



Please read through carefully. 



  1. You must be 18 or older to enter.
  2. You must reside in the contiguous United States (Sorry, Internationals!)
  3. You do NOT have to be an “established” beauty blogger. We welcome all applicants.  If you love K-Beauty, that’s good enough for us!

(With the above being said, we do ask for links and examples of reviews you’ve done on beauty products to hear your written voice and your expression of opinions.  Thus, it helps to have a written review posted.)

  1. Your social media account(s) must be ACTIVE (meaning you are consistently using and posting).
  2. Your social media account(s) must be visible to the public (even if the account is not necessarily beauty-related).


Do you qualify?  Great!  Next important information:



Selection of successful applicants is based on the number of applicants, order in which your application is received, variety of skin types/skin tone, reason for wanting to be a Beautiful Pioneer, and stock availability.  We do have limited stock from our partner in Korea.  We apologize for any future inability to further distribute.

We will be selecting on a ROLLING BASIS.  Meaning, applicants will be consistently being selected from when the applications are released until the final deadline of October 3, 2016 at 6pm EST.  Applicants may be selected after the deadline, given that there is still stock left.


Still keeping up?  

The following is REALLY important. 

Please only apply if you fully understand and are able to abide by these guidelines:



  1. Upon being selected as a Beautiful Pioneer, you are willingly consenting to the usage of your photos by Cupidrop with proper credit given to your online ID. No personal information will be given.
  2. You understand that you may only receive a portion of the products you expressed interest in, due to stock availability and demand level. There is no guarantee you may receive more than one product.
  3. You agree to post a separate review for each product you receive.  “Post” means on any social media channel (Instagram, blog, etc.).  Posting on more than one channel is encouraged.
  4. You understand that you are given 10 DAYS upon receiving the product to write and post a review. For example, if you receive 3 products, you must post 1 review every 10 days, and post all 3 reviews within 30 days of receiving the items.
  5. You must tag and mention @cupidrop.official and/or link our website <> on your post.
  6. You must use the hashtags #cupidrop #secretkey #beautifulpioneer (if applicable).
  7. Being selected as a 1st Generation Beautiful Pioneer does NOT indicate that a consistent business relationship has been established between the individual and Cupidrop. Selection does not guarantee any future collaborations, selections, or advantages in giveaways, events, or any sort of campaign.  THIS IS NOT A JOB APPLICATION.  A Beautiful Pioneer is NOT an employee of Cupidrop.  Once the products have been distributed and reviewed, Generation 1 of Beautiful Pioneers will automatically be disbanded.


PHEW!  That was a lot, wasn’t it? 

But housekeeping matters aside, here’s the FUN part:




WHAT: An eyebrow tattoo tint to give the eyebrows a natural shape and color that lasts up to 3-5 days (without intended removal or cleansing).

WHEN: For waterproof & smudge-free brow makeup for beach days, waterpark trips, etc.

HOW: After cleansing to remove oil and dead skin cells, apply a thick layer on the eyebrows in a desired shape.  Remember: the product tattoos your skin—it does not dye your eyebrow hairs.  Wait at least 2 hours (or overnight, for a bolder color) as the tint dries.  Peel off gently once it dries completely.  Do not use a cleansing foam around brow area for 24 hours after use for longer-lasting color.



WHAT: Eyebrow stencils to help those with shaky hands achieve the perfect brows.  Use with Self Brow Tattoo Tint Pack or your favorite eyebrow pencil.

WHEN: For easier and steadier eyebrow shaping to go for the look you want: 1) Chic brow, 2) Natural brow, or 3) Baby face brow.

HOW: Place on top of eyebrows in the desired angle and draw along the stencil.  Repeat on the other eyebrow.



WHAT: 4 different shades available.  Shading Medium is a contouring shade for neutral skin tones.  Shading Dark is a contouring shade for darker skin tones, or bolder & sharper contouring.  Highlighting Soft Beam is a shimmering light tone to highlight and bring out features.  Blusher Pink coral is a pink tone for blushing cheeks.

WHEN: To sculpt and define facial features for a more dimensional look and a stronger impression.

HOW: Use Shading Medium or Dark on hairline, in towards the cheekbones, side of the nose for contrast.  Use Highlighting Soft Beam on forehead, nose bridge, brow bones, below the eyes for bringing out point features.  Use Blusher Pink Coral on cheeks for a sweet & feminine touch.  Blend the colors into the skin with makeup sponge.


WHAT: Lip tint in a liquid pack form for longer lasting color that is smudge-free.  Color lasts for a maximum of 12 hours.

WHEN: To avoid lip color smudging on cups, teeth, etc.  Perfect for a date!

HOW: Apply a generous amount on lips evenly.  Wait 5-10 minutes for the tint to dry.  Peel off from one corner of the lip to the other.  Finish off with a transparent gloss or lip balm, if desired.


WHAT: Moisturizing lip tint for a natural lip color that gives a subtle glow.

WHEN: For lips that need a little bit more color without looking overdone

HOW: Apply on the lips for a soft and subtle color.  Apply repeatedly 2-3 time for a bolder color.  Reapply throughout the day for added tint and moisture.


That’s (finally) it!  Thank you for your attention!

Ready for the challenge?  Fill out the application form HERE to be considered for

1st Generation of Beautiful Pioneers!

Make sure to apply before Monday, October 3rd, 6PM EST.  

Good Luck to all!


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