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Raccoon Xing! : Cupidrop’s Eyeliner Know-Hows

We’ve all been there: suffering from raccoon eyes because of smudging eyeliner.  But you simply cannot give it up because it’s the number one makeup item that defines your eyes to make them look bigger.  Cupidrop is here to show you the distinction between each type of eyeliner with our recommendations from our collection to go smudge-proof.  Say goodbye to runny raccoon eyes, and say hello to defined cat eyes!


The best thing about pencil eyeliner is that it’s easy for anyone to use, so it’s perfect for a beginner.  It’s important to fill in and apply along the lash line to create a defined look.

The worst part about pencil eyeliner is that it’s the type that smudges the easiest because of the sweat and oil that is formed while blinking.  It’s good to have a Q-tip or cotton pad handy for a quick fix throughout your day.  If you’re prone to eye makeup smudging, avoid pencil eyeliner!

We recommend: Beige Wood Pencil Liner—a creamy long-lasting eyeliner that glides on easily without irritating the eyes.  Available in Black & Deep Brown.


Gel eyeliner is the best when it comes to controlling the thickness of the line and the darkness of the color.  Once gel eyeliner is completely dry, it smudges less than pencil eyeliner but over time, it still tends to run a bit due to oils so you may occasionally need to reapply.  Also, make sure to always clean your brush after use to avoid hardening!

We recommend: 3 Concept Eyes Gel Eyeliner— a waterproof gel eyeliner with soft and creamy texture that glides smoothly over the lids.  Available in Brown, Light Brown and all black.



Now for the most smudge-proof eyeliner of all.  Liquid eyeliner is perfect for creating sharp, defined eye lines.  But this one is for experts only: because of its pointy edge, it’s easy for shaky hands to be expressed right onto your eyelids.

We recommend: Beige Brush Eyeliner—waterproof liquid eyeliner with a soft, felt tip for an effortless and precise application.  It glides on easily and dries quickly, making it perfect liquid eyeliner.

Available in Black & Deep Brown.



If you don’t have double eyelids, use eyelid tape or eyelid glue to make them!  The thicker the double eyelids, the less your eyeliner will smudge throughout the day.  Also, you can use fake eyelashes to create a boundary between the eyeliner and the bottom of your eyes so that even if you close your eyes, the eyelashes will prevent smudging.

The best way to create cat eyes is to mix-and-match your eyeliners.  Use gel to line the top of your eyes and fill in-between your eyelashes.  Then, use liquid liner to extend and wing out the lines at the outer corners.

Now it’s your turn: find the perfect eyeliner for you at!



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