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New Skincare Line: Introducing ‘I’m From’ Skincare.

“Nature as it is, It’s I’m From” This simple slogan embodies the entire essence of the company. I’m From products were inspired by ingredients straight from nature—pure and untampered. They sourced the highest quality ingredients from all over South Korea to create gentle yet effective products for all skin types to use.

The Line Up

1. 꿀 From 지리산 (Honey From Jiri Mountain)

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Jirisan or Jiri Mountain is the tallest mountain in mainland South Korea. Its high altitude and unpolluted air provides the optimal condition for bees to make honey. This valuable premium honey has been used throughout Korean history to nourish and reconstitute weathered skin.

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The I’m From Honey Mask contains 38.7% real honey derived from Jiri Mountain to hydrate and brighten skin tone. This thick wash-off mask is full of antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties as well as vitamins and minerals. Just one look at the ingredients list and you can already tell that this mask is packed full of benefits. Some of its notable ingredients include snail mucin, bee venom and propolis extract.

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 I’m From Honey Cream consists of 5.3% real honey from Jiri Mountain and 54.32% propolis extract to help repair damage and promote healthy cell growth. This ultra moisturizing cream works to prevent signs of aging by improving the appearance of wrinkles. It glides on effortlessly and blends without tugging at the skin.

2. 비타민나무 From 태백산맥 (Vitamin Tree From Taebaek Mountain)

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Vitamin Tree is a nickname given to the Seabuckthorn tree by South Koreans because the tree contains so many good-for-you vitamins. Seabuckthorn tree is chock full of vitamins A, B, C and E as well as an abundance of healthy antioxidants. The trees can be found at large on Taebaek Mountain where it has been a part of the local heritage for centuries.

The I’m From Vitamin Tree Mask is made with a mixture of nutritious plants and herbs to help revitalize tired skin. Containing 50.5% real vitamin tree leaves, this rustic mask replenishes essential vitamins and nutrients to the skin. Vitamin Tree leaves are rich in vitamin C & E to help brighten complexion and protect the skin against skin aging free radicals.

The Vitamin Tree Water-Gel is made with a hybrid blend of cloud berry, snow lotus and rose of Jericho restore moisture, and deliver a burst of nutrients. Vitamin leaf water reinforces the skin barrier and counters against oxidization—which ages the skin. This cooling gel provides relief for redness and irritation while working to brighten the skin.

3. 화산송이 From 제주 (Volcanic Rocks From Jeju Island)

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Besides it’s pure air quality and untouched resources, Jeju Island is known throughout South Korea for it’s Volcanic rocks. These porous rocks—called “scoria” have been traditionally used on the skin to calm irritation and as an antiseptic. Residents of Jeju island draw baths mixed with scoria powder for the purpose of detoxifying.

The I’m From Volcanic Mask is made with hand picked volcanic rocks that aren’t damaged by machinery. The rocks are purified with water heated up to 150° before being used to formulate their masks. The Volcanic mask targets sebum and impurities lurking in pores and removes them—leaving the skin feeling clean and smooth.

4. 홍삼 From 금산 (Red Ginseng From Geum River)

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The village of Geum-san has a long legacy of producing Korean Red Ginseng—over 1,500 years. This village is located next to Geum river where fresh water and rich soils are easily accessible to grow the finest ginseng in South Korea. For centuries, ginseng have been consumed and used to keep skin vitalized and prevent signs of aging.

I’m From Ginseng Mask is a thick therapeutic mask that warms up as you message it onto the skin. The warm sensation coaxes pores to open up so that impurities can be removed and nutrients are restored. I’m From uses 6 year old ginseng—which is considered to be the prime age—to create their products.

The Ginseng serum contains the same prime ginseng to deliver a boost of energy to dull tired skin. This rich formula absorbs into the skin to help improve skin elasticity for younger looking skin.

5. 쑥 From 강화 (Mugwort From Ganghwa Island)

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Ganghwa Island is located on the West coast of the Korean peninsula. This area is surrounded by the sea where ocean breeze and rich soil shaped the perfect environment to cultivate mugwort plants. Mugwort is a well kept secret in Korean community for helping to detoxifying the body well as reduce inflammation. It it rich in vitamin A and C as well as fiber, calcium and iron.

I’m From Mugwort Mask has a soothing gel consistency to provide instant relief to redness and irritation. The natural mugwort within the mask works to cleanse and detox leaving skin feeling fresh and rejuvenated. Acne prone skin can also benefit from this cooling mask due to mugwort’s healing properties.

The Mugwort essence contains only one essential ingredient—Artemisia Princeps Extract, colloquially known as Mugwort. This essence is made of 100% mugwort extract and no extra fillers.  Experience the benefits pure of mugwort with this hydrating minimalist essence. It cleanses and detoxes the skin from impurities like acne while recuperating the skin from everyday exposure.

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