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NEW ARRIVAL: Feelin’ GOLD with CLIV Gold Foil Mask

Lovelies~ We have another NEW brand joining our storefront at Cupidrop!

Meet CLIV (CL4): a brand that prides itself in carrying SAFE skincare products with various lines that each utilize a key ingredient for a specific skin benefit.  Thus, each line address a different skin concern so that everyone can find what their skin needs with CLIV.  Whether it’s dry skin, dull complexion, or aging skin, CLIV is here to help you.

You probably know already what ampoules are: concentrated serums that help you get maximum effect on target areas on your skin.  But you may be wondering…

“What are those SUPREME Gold Foil Masks?”

“What’s so SPECIAL about them?”

Ask no more.  I’m going to tell you exactly why these masks are your new essentials in your face mask supply.

Revitalizing C Corrector for brightening effect
Revitalizing C Corrector for brightening effect


I’m going to answer this in two parts and then put it together for you guys:

A FOIL mask is a double-sided mask: the inner layer that adheres to the skin is cotton while the outer layer is foil.  The purpose of the foil is to warm up the skin.  It’s the same theory as using a steam towel prior to applying a sheet mask: the heat “opens up” the pores for the essence to be absorbed into the skin faster and more efficiently.  Foil increases the temperature of the skin naturally so that all the good essence seeps into the deep layers of the dermis quicker.  So if you feel your face starting to feel a little warmer while using a foil mask, don’t worry.  You’re not having a bad reaction.  In fact, it means the foil mask is doing exactly what it’s supposed to be doing.

(SIDE NOTE: you may think that a “foil” mask might be crispy because it’s… well, it’s foil.  And some are, it’s true.  But CLIV Gold Foil Masks are soft, comfortable, and are made to fit well on most face shapes.  More on that later.)

Now GOLD is already known to have great benefits to the skin including antiaging, brightening, and relieving skin troubles (inflammation, acne, and hyperpigmentation to name a few).  Gold is also known to help promote healthier blood circulation, and you know what happens when your blood pumps—temperature rises.  And when your skin heats up—pores “open” for better absorption of good essence.

So a GOLD FOIL mask is a double-sided mask in which the inner layer is made of cotton and the outer layer is made of gold-infused foil.  The gold is essentially just an added perk to a regular foil mask to help it do its job even better for greater effect on the skin.

Max Hyaluronic Formula for moisturizing effect
Max Hyaluronic Formula for moisturizing effect


Other than increasing skin temperature, as aforementioned above, another function of a foil mask is to slow down the evaporation process of the essence.  I’m sure no one is a stranger to keeping an eye on the clock and trying to find that perfect time to take off a sheet mask before it completely dries up, but also not before you’re ABSOLUTELY sure that your skin has absorbed as much of the essence as possible (waste not, want not).  When using a foil mask, you’ll notice that your skin doesn’t feel very tight, even if the foil outer layer has dried up.  That’s because the foil wrapping your face to slow down the escape of moisture and essence.  So more of that nutrition can go into your skin, where it belongs, and not dissipate into the air.

Once you remove the foil mask after the suggested time, you’ll probably find that your skin is still rich with essence (and also quite warm from the heat).  You’ll truly feel like you’ll being pampered, and that you’re getting your money’s worth.

Collagen Resurgence for anti-aging effect
Collagen Resurgence for anti-aging effect


In the case of CLIV Supreme Gold Foil Masks, each mask comes with concentrated ampoule packet (Step 1) and a Gold Foil Mask doused in essence (Step 2).

First, you apply the ampoule all over your face.  HEADS UP: you will have LOTS of ampoule left over.  There is WAY more than a single application of ampoule in this packet.  Seriously.  You could save the leftovers to use the next day or even for another whole facial mask treatment if you purchase those dry sheet masks or coin masks.

Then, you put on the 2-part gold foil mask: top and bottom.  The two separate pieces of the mask ensures best possible fit to cover as much of the face as possible.  Plus, a thicker and softer material guarantees a non-irritating wear.

So you put on the Gold Foil Masks.  You take some selfies because you look like a cool robot, kind of like an Oscar award trophy.  Then wait for 10~15 minutes as your face starts to feel warmer and warmer.  Then remove.  I guarantee that your face will still be deliciously drenched in the ampoule and essence.  That’s it!


This has been your quick crash course on Gold Foil Masks.

Do you want the extra-luxurious treatment?

Do you want to try the skincare trick that Cleopatra (probably) swore by?


CLIV Supreme Gold Foil Masks (and full-sized Ampoules, too!) are now available at Cupidrop.

Max Hyaluronic Formula Gold Foil Mask & Ampoule

Revitalizing C Corrector Gold Foil Mask & Ampoule

Collagen Resurgence Gold Foil Mask & Ampoule


Stay Gold,




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