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So it’s Friday night.  You’re so happy its Friday and now you’re ready to hit the club with all your friends.  You’ve had a long week, and you’re ready to let loose and party all night.  I mean, you only live once, right?

And then next morning comes.  You’re probably regretting that last shot and that unattractive dancing you did on top of the table.  But worst of all, you have the biggest hangover you’ve ever experienced.  But you’re not alone… because your skin has a huge hangover, too!

All that drinking and staying up all night can definitely damage your skin.  So how do we fix it?  Here are some tips to return your skin to its original, normal state—pre-Friday night.

1. You MUST remove all of your makeup the night before
Alcohol raises your skin temperature and opens up your pores.  If you don’t take off your makeup before going to bed, the toxicity of the alcohol and dirt will be absorbed into your pores and cause skin trouble.  So no matter how tired you are, remove your makeup for the sake of your skin!  Then, finish off with splashing your face with cold water to prevent your face from swelling.  Moisturizing is super important since alcohol dehydrates you; so after cleansing, apply products with rich moisturizing properties.  (If you’re really tired or lazy, we recommend using our “Don’t be lazy… Wash before you sleep!” Handy Cleansing Kit or the A. True Sweet Song Black Tea One Step cleansing water for a quick cleanse.)
But we get it: you’re super tired after a night out and all you want to do is sleep (or perhaps you don’t even remember the night very much, but we’ll let you keep that to yourself).  So if you do fall asleep without taking off your makeup, you have to make sure you use cleansing oil or cleansing water the next morning to properly melt away the makeup, and then use cleansing foam to completely wash off any remaining residues.
Sweet Song Black Tea One-Step Cleansing Water
Absolute Deep Cleansing Oil
Handy Cleansing Kit (1 Application)

2. Soak in the Tub
Baths are very good for your health and improving blood circulation. Run yourself a nice, warm bath the day after a night of drinking; hot water can make you perspire, helping you to release some of the toxins from alcohol.
But don’t take a bath on the same day of drinking! This can increase your blood pressure, dehydrate and exhaust your body so it’s better to take it the day after.
Don’t stay in for over 15 minutes.

3. Get that Beauty Sleep
Make sure to include sleep and relaxation in your schedule after drinking.  Your skin cell regenerates while you sleep.  So when you stay up all night, you’re not giving your skin a chance to replenish.  You must give your skin time to recover for well-rested, healthy glow.

4. Overdose on the H2O
You probably know that alcohol dehydrates you very quickly.  Well it sucks the moisture out of your skin, too.  It’s important to drink a lot of water to get your skin’s hydration balance back to normal.  Drink a lot of water so you can get over that hangover!  Hydrating mists also help providing instant moisture to your face.  We like these;
Honey Lemon Black Tea Mist
Fresh Aqua Mist

5. Spa for your Eyes
Puffy eyes the next morning is no surprise after a long night.  Cucumbers and potatoes can help to reduce the puffiness under your eyes.  Cucumbers have natural cooling effect and astringent properties that can help reduce inflammation and tighten the skin.
The starch present in potatoes has anti-inflammatory properties, thus reducing the puffiness under your eyes.  Slice them up and place them over your eyes for up more than 15 minutes.
Green tea bags and black tea bags can also sooth puffy and irritated eyes.  Place used tea bags in the refrigerator for 20-30 minutes and place them over your eyelids for 10-15 minutes to relieve swelling and puffiness.

6. Hangover Facial Mask
To pamper your tired skin, use these convenient facial masks to instantly hydrate and revive your skin. We want to recommend THIS ONE to say, “I’m sorry for my skin” … but others would work just as well. Take your Pick!

7. Exfoliate
We recommend a good yet gentle scrub the day after drinking.  Exfoliate off the alcohol-damaged top layer of your skin to make room newer, healthier skin cells.  Use gentle, circular motion to lift away dead skin cells.
Black Sugar Scrub

8. Eat Your Hangover Away
Skip the greasy burgers and fries! The fatty food will actually make you feel worse.
Here are a few different types of food that can help you with your hangover, in a healthy way.

Persimmons have high Vitamin C content, which helps to decrease the alcohol level in your system.

Bean sprouts are also effective for hangovers.  Bean sprout roots have Aspartic acid which helps to break down the alcohol in your liver, and is also rich with Vitamin C.

Coconut water is packed with more potassium than a sports drink, and will curb your sugar craving.

And then, there is the Korean way – to have a bowl of hot soup called Haejangguk (해장국) which means “soup to chase a hangover” –  made with vegetables, hardened ox blood cubes  and meat in beef broth,  I always find this as cure for my hangovers.


We hope these tips will help you and your skin get past your hangover!  Hopefully you’ll be as good as new sooner than later…  The weekend has only just begun!

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