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LAUNCHING: Tosowoong Essence Cushion!

Hello there, Beauty Lovers!

So maybe you’ve noticed, maybe you haven’t… but for the past 1.5 months or so, we’ve been working on a (not-so) secret PROJECT…

MISSION: Collaborate with as many beauty bloggers as possible to gather honest reviews on the new Tosowoong Essence Cushion series. 

I personally contacted each beauty blogger to see if she would be interested in receiving this product in exchange for an honest review.  We got a lot of “YES!” and even more positive feedback afterwards.  We read every word and took every comment to heart…

And today, I am happy to announce that Cupidrop will officially be carrying the new Tosowoong Essence Cushion!!!


#21 Light Beige for a more neutral tone
A.K.A. “Candy Cushion”











Are you excited?  Because I am!  When I got the opportunity to test out the products with the rest of the Cupidrop team, I personally loved the moisturizing coverage.  And I certainly was not alone!  Just check out these raging reviews (all quotes are from posts made on each reviewer’s Instagram account):

“I wore this yesterday and today and am super impressed so far. It actually matches my tone!” ~@skincaremonster


“It’s an ideal hydrator, dewy but breathable. I’m not motivated to repurchase many [cushions]. Very happy to say this one is different and I’d like to have it on hand, especially for fall and winter!” ~@touchmyfaceu


“It felt like I wasn’t even wearing makeup.” ~@gracefulfaceblog


“Super impressed with this cushion! Great color match! Natural, moisturizing, buildable coverage; Fresh, light, rosy scent; dewy finish that sets and doesn’t stay tacky! No complaints as far as I can see!” ~@skinhairnailcare


“So far, I’ve been amazed at how well it matches my skin tone—literally, you can’t tell I’m wearing it, except for the dewy finish… I do believe this will be making it into my daily rotation.” ~@skincareblue


“This is a great full coverage cushion! I did not break out at all from using this and it lasted well into my 8 hour day.” ~@kris_melis


“The mix of the pinkish and white dewy colors gave my skin an amazing glow, helped even out tone imperfections and had an overall brightening effect! Even though I have sensitive skin the scent did not seem to give me any bad reactions!” ~@marinasloves

…And there’s a whole lot more from where that came from.

We can’t be more grateful to every blogger and their followers who took the time to give their two cents about the Tosowoong Essence Cushions.  One of our main beliefs is that discovering beauty is way more fun when you do it together.  We love hearing from you directly and personally and this project was able to skyrocket with your help.

YOU made this happen.  YOU and your online beauty community that stayed curious and excited about new items entering the scene.  So we thank YOU for letting this new item join the Cupidrop collection.


Tosowoong Vitalizing Perfect Cover Essence Cushion #21 Light Beige & Tosowoong Pink Essence Tone-Up Cushion is now available at Cupidrop.



Amy (and the Cupidrop family, of course)

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