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Here’s How You Can Prep for Summer 2017

Summer is coming up and we are getting ready to hit the beach to soak up the sunshine!

If you haven’t prepared your beach bag yet, here’s a little post to help you out: If you want to prepare yourself for the upcoming warmer months, here are our recommendations!


1. Exfoliate

If you want your skin to look sunkissed and flawless in pictures, you don’t want to see dry flakes and rough patches showing through! Exfoliate your skin with I’m Sorry For My Skin’s Green Mud Mask in “Soothing.” It’s a gentle exfoliating mask formulated with natural clay and volcanic ashes. However, unlike most clay-based masks, it does not leave your skin feeling stripped of all moisture.

2. Hydrate

Being out in the sun for too long can deplete moisture from your skin. To prepare for the upcoming sunny weather, try using 1 sheet mask a day for an entire week! We know it seems like a big commitment; however, your skin will thank you by the end of the week. Many skincare enthusiasts in Korea swear by using a one mask a day, everyday! Here are some recommendations to get you started on the 1 week journey:

Tosowoong “Pure Mask Pack”

3CE “Water Wrapping Facial Mask” – it’s currently BOGO!

Ciracle “Snail Hydrogel Mask” – it’s currently BOGO!

3. Sunscreen

With so many sunscreen options out there ranging from different formulas to different SPF levels, you must find the ideal one for you. We all have different skin types and must cater to it. For those who have oily/combination skin, we recommend A.True’s Black Tea All Day Aqua Sun Gel. For those who lack in hydration, we recommend Cosrx’s Aloe Soothing Sun Cream. For those who have sensitive skin and often worry that sunscreen might break you out (literally me), then we recommend using Klairs’s Mid-Day Blue Sun Lotion.

4. The Perfect Lippie

Do you have your default summer lip color ready to go at all times? Summer time is the perfect time to sport a colorful, bright lip that you can rock anytime and anywhere! Here are some of our favorites that makes us feel like a million bucks:

3CE “Water Tint #MandarinOrange”

3CE “Bebe Color Lip Balm”

BEIGE “Am-Poule Glotint”

5. Body Care

Here at Cupidrop, our main focus is the face. However, we sometimes forget to treat other parts of our body, especially our hands and feet, but we shouldn’t—we use them all the time! Thankfully, Village 11 Factory made the perfect products (Relax-Day Hand Mask & Relax-Day Foot Mask) to bring back moisture and vitality back into our hands and feet. Both masks contain Aqua Butter Complex as well as Devil’s Claw Extracts to bring ultimate, long-lasting hydration. 


Do you have any upcoming plans for the summer? If so, tell us down below and let us know which products will be helping you to achieve the best summer ever.

#SUMMER2017, here we come!

With lots of love,

Jenny from Cupidrop

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