Going Back to Aloe

We can all agree that at this point, the beauty industry is forever changing. There’s always new ingredients being discovered and new formulas to play with. However, an ingredient that has stuck by us since the beginning is ALOE. Aloe has saved our butts so many times throughout our lives—when we went to the beach and forgot to apply AND re-apply sunscreen, aloe was there to soothe and repair the burning redness and irritation. When it was 95 degrees outside and the AC broke down, aloe was there to keep our skins cool and stopped us from flipping out in the scorching heat. For some of us, aloe juice was (and still is) our drink of choice every summer.


That’s why—in the midst of new, innovative discoveries in the K-Beauty industry—aloe stands above everything. That’s why we decided to bring Puretem into the Cupidrop family.

The reason why we believe Puretem is THE ideal skincare for summertime is because their products are made with 100% organic aloe vera. Just like any other ingredients, not every aloe is the same, but the aloe in Puretem’s products are superb, high-quality aloe.

While the typical drugstore-bought aloe gel (you know, the one that comes in a big, squeezy tub) is great for using on the body, it can leave a shiny looking residue. Puretem’s products, however, do not leave an unwanted film on your face and also includes other ingredients such as cabbage leaf extract and shea butter, which will benefit your skin in the long run.


So here’s how to use these magical products…

Puretem’s Purevera Skin is a toner that’s alcohol-free and oil-free, and is super lightweight and *oh-so-cooling* on the skin. After cleansing, just dispense the product onto a cotton pad or onto your clean palms and gently swipe across the face. Then, tap for maximum absorption. It rebalances the pH level of your skin and further protects it against harmful environmental factors, which means—it’s your ideal weapon for fighting *gross* summer pollution. And because it’s alcohol-free, it’s perfect to use for your “7 Skin Method.” If you don’t know what that is, check this post out we did a while back. If you’re feeling extra dehydrated, use the “7 Skin Method” to really give your skin what it needs.

After using the skin/toner, grab Puretem’s Purevera Emulsion, which is a lotion that is also free of alcohol and oil. Just like the name “emulsion,” this product emulsifies into your skin, helping it to stay hydrated all day (or all night) long. Its texture is so lightweight that you can barely feel it on your face once it sinks in. When you glide the product over your skin, it almost feels like a soft blanket covering your face, ready to protect it from the everyday pollution that you encounter.

Because Puretem’s products are free of alcohol, oils and artificial coloring, it’s perfectly safe to use on sensitive skin (yay).


So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this green duo HERE.

Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you in the next post!

With lots of love,

Jenny from Cupidrop

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