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Four Skincare Tips to Keep Your Skin in Check This 4th of July

The 4th of July is here. A series of barbeques, fireworks, and sunny beach days await. But, before you go off on your grand adventure, here are a few key tricks to help your skin happy and healthy throughout the extended celebration.


Cleansing and toning are by far the most important steps to securing your skin’s safety. It’s best to use a cleanser and toner combination that fits the occasion. For example, if you are at a barbeque surrounded by smoke and fireworks, then it’s best to use a cleanser that cleans your pores and protects your skin from harsh environmental factors. If you decide to spend your 4th of July at the beach, then a balancing cleanser and moisturizing toner is the way to go.


The dry heat can be very rough on your skin, especially if you are spending the day outside. Regardless of your skin type, you must use a moisturizer. Moisturizers are lightweight, do not clog your pores, and are super hydrating. It’s also the perfect base to set your sunscreen on top of. Get super dewy skin without overpowering your skin.


The heat from the sun can get overbearing. It can cause your skin to feel dry, sticky, and gross. Refresh your skin with a quick mist. Nothing feels better than a nice spritz to hydrate and replenish your skin. It may feel like a burden to carry an additional skincare item around but, it is worth it. When the sun is high and the heat is sweltering, you’ll be one of the few people prepared for the long summer day ahead.



Sunscreen, sunscreen, and sunscreen. We cannot stress this enough. If you ‘ve read our previous article on sun care, then you know how powerful and damaging the sun can be even if you’re indoors. Regardless of whether it’s cloudy or not, please protect your skin. Where a face sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or 30 for maximum coverage. Most important of all, YOU MUST REAPPLY. Create an alarm on your phone or send yourself a scheduled reminder. Do what works best for you and reapply sunscreen. Your future skin will thank you.


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