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Dealing with Your PMS through K-Beauty Relaxation

We can all agree that PMS week is horrendous, and while healthy food and adequate sleep is great and necessary, you need to find ACTUAL relaxation time.

Of course, relaxation methods vary, but have you tried incorporating K-Beauty products to help you get your mind and body back into peace mode? Here are the things we recommend you do:


SOOTHE YOUR BODY: Our bodies tend to feel sore and tense when we’re on our periods, and common pain areas include the lower back, the lower stomach, the forehead, the thighs and pretty much everyyyywherreeee.

First, take a warm bath to relax all the muscles in your body. Light some candles and put on your favorite music. While you may be tempted to drink a glass of wine, alcohol can prohibit you from *full* relaxation, so maybe opt for a fresh juice or a warm cup of tea. During your bath, make sure to use an oil-based body wash. We recommend Village 11 Factory’s Body Oil Wash because it’s infused with coconut oil and argan oil, and you’ll feel hydrated even after you wash it off.

Second, after you get out of the bath, moisturize your body. Remember, you’re in relax mode, so don’t rush. Take Village 11 Factory’s Body Oil Cream and *slowly* massage it into your body. Use it from the neck down, and you’ll sure to feel your muscles loosen up.

Third, mask your hands and feet—yup, you heard that right. We often neglect to take care of our hands and feet, but we shouldn’t—we use them all the freaking time. Thankfully, Village 11 Factory makes special hand AND foot masks. Yes, you will look a bit funny, but at least you’ll be doing these deeds in the comfort of your own home—muahaha. Click here for the hand mask and click here for the foot mask. By the way, use code “RELAXDAY” to get 20% off the entire Village 11 Factory collection!


TEND TO YOUR HORMONAL ACNE: And the worst part of it all—those stubborn red, inflamed zits! Our faces get extra sensitive and acne-prone due to the higher testosterone levels we have during our periods. Therefore, we end up producing more oil, which leads to clogged pores and acne. We hate hormonal acne and it hates us (obviously), but we can definitely try to lessen the inflammation and the redness that comes with it. Also, with proper care, we can minimize scarring.

Natural ingredients that have been known to help hormonal acne are green tea, honey and aloe. As mentioned in a previous blog post “What Are All These Ingredients and What Do They Do?”—we mentioned the benefits of green tea and honey.

But just for refreshers, green tea is great at clearing and shrinking pores, which prevents production of excess sebum. It’s also anti-inflammatory. Applying green tea directly is pretty difficult, so we recommend using a sheet mask that contains green tea extract—Tosowoong’s Pure Green Tea Mask is cost-friendly and effective. Honey is naturally anti-bacterial, which makes it perfect for soothing and cleaning acne-filled areas. It also fastens the healing process, making the skin less susceptible to scarring. Applying honey is fairly easy to do—just grab a small amount on a Q-tip and dab lightly on inflamed areas. Like green tea, aloe also contains anti-inflammatory properties. Its natural beta hydroxyl acid decreases inflammation and its vitamin E soothes redness and repairs damaged tissues, which will help you get back that radiant complexion. Tosowoong’s Pure Aloe Mask is also cost-friendly and effective, as it is from the same “Pure Mask Pack” line.


And that’s it for today! Hope you found these suggestions helpful, and remember—relaxation and taking  proper “me-time” to de-stress is key. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you in the next post!

With lots of love,

Jenny from Cupidrop


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