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Cure your Hangover Skin in 4 Easy Steps

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It’s been a night. While we may not remember all of it, our body sure does and it is screaming for help. Let us ease your hangover pain and give you some tips on how to revitalize your skin. Your skin will be eternally grateful~


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We cannot stress this enough. Before the big night, make sure to go all out on your skin care routine. Use as many moisturizing and skin refining products that you can. Dedicating more time to your skin now will definitely ease your stress the next day. These few extra steps today will ease tomorrow’s makeup guilt.


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We know. You’ve heard this one before but, we going beyond water and electrolytes here. Your skin should be treated just like your body. Make sure to not only flush out the remaining toxins on the inside but, also on the outside. Going out strips your skin of so many of it’s natural vitamins and completely disrupts your skin’s overall wellness. Have a few pH sensitive cleansers, moisturizers, and mask lying around. Focus on hydrating your skin and restoring it’s natural moisture before you even consider your next skin care steps.


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Nothing sounds better than greasy food after a long night out. But, this is not always the best choice for us or our skin. Veggies are the best thing to help revitalize and encourage blood circulation for healthier looking skin. Veggies help our bodies rest and help rebuild our immune system. Veggies get your skin’s natural glow back. Who wouldn’t want that!


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While relaxing is key to a good hangover cure, you should also make it a goal to cool off your face. Literally. Place your skin care in the fridge or get a few cooling pads ready because we are getting rid of all this skin redness. Alcohol dilates our blood vessels leading to permanent redness and increasing levels of skin damage. Calm your skin down and apply a cold compress. Trust us. We want your skin to look and feel beautiful for years to come.


Jump start your morning with a refreshing cleanse. Remove any residual makeup that you forgot to take off the night before (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us) with Urang Natural Cleansing Oil. Oil cleansers help to break down tough waterproof makeup and whisk away excess sebum produced overnight. Next use this handy all-in-one 3 Step Mask Pack from Pyunkang Yul. Perfect for lazy mornings where you just need to revitalize your skin without thinking too hard. Follow the numbers to exfoliate, hydrate and restore balance to the skin.

Below are more of our favorite Hangover Skin Care Products! Check them out and Let us know if you have any personal remedies after a wild night.


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