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Cupidrop Tries: 23 Years Old!

Welcome to our new series! At Cupidrop, we pride ourselves on being honest and open with you. That’s why we’ve taken our transparency stance to a whole new level. In this series, we will be trying out various products from our wide range of brands. Each of our team members will unbiasedly try one product from a brand and share their honest opinions on their experience. Ready to see our first brand? Then, let’s get started!


23 Years Old is based on the principle of at-home spa care. This brand was inspired by Asian carbonated hot springs. The brand’s philosophy focuses on producing easy to use spa-inspired products. These products feature 3 major skin benefits: exfoliation, nourishment, and rejuvenation. 23 years old is dedicated to preserving the skin’s prosperity and providing it with optimal nutrients. Sadly, most of these benefits can only be exclusively experienced at spas. To correct this disadvantage, 23 Years Old formulated luxury at-home skincare products that do not compromise one’s budget. We briefly featured 23 Years Old in our 13th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers.


❤️ Joohee

I tried the Badecasil Cera 3+ and genuinely liked it. The Badecasil Cera 3+ is stated to be an 8-in-1 solution that targets 8 different skin concerns. Some of which are oil control, strengthening the moisture barrier, and delivering dewy skin. This product definitely delivered on all of its promises.

The cream was incredibly hydrating and moisturizing. My skin felt plump and dewy. The texture is very lightweight and ideal for summer. It left my skin feeling silky smooth and not greasy at all. I found the tube packaging super convenient. It’s easy to travel with and is more hygienic than jarred creams. I think the Badecasil Cera 3+ is a solid summer cream that is great for all skin types.

❤️ Iris

Toner is one of those products that needs constant replenishing since it’s used at least twice a day, every day—so I’m always on the lookout for new and unique toners to try. Recently, I tested out the 23 years old BADECASIL DOCTO Toner. Its claim to fame is its gentle sloughing off of dead skin cells. The toner does this with the help of a compound known as BADECA™ Allium Cepa Bulb Extract (a.k.a onion extract). Onion is said to possess skin regenerative properties. Onion is rich in vitamin A, which can help stimulate cell turnover rate and reveal fresh skin.

My skin has been pretty sensitive lately. Cupidrop has been receiving a lot of samples from new brands and my skin has become the crash dummy for all of them. I was worried that my skin might get irritated by the toner but thankfully, I did a patch test and there was no reaction. The consistency is very watery and lightweight. The little wispy fibers floating in the bottle do not get dispensed. The dispenser is so tiny that all the solids are kept inside. The solution takes about 1 min to absorb into the skin. Afterward, my skin felt plump and well hydrated. This plump texture helps your skin take in serums and treatments rapidly. The toner does leave the skin feeling the slightest bit tacky. This could be an unpleasant sensation for some users. After a couple of days, I did notice fewer flakes on my cheek area and my skin did feel softer.

❤️ Demi

I wasn’t sure what to think of the O2 Moisture Bubble Mask. I was just excited to play with the packaging more than anything else. When I think of O2 masks, I always think of extreme foaming and the Bay Max cosplay that awaits everyone at the end. Weirdly, that did not happen with this mask. It did tingle and foam very slightly, but there was no massive foam accumulation at the end. I really liked the minimal foaming and didn’t mind the tingling. When I took the mask off and washed my face, I was pleasantly surprised to see that my skin tone evened out. It made my skin look brighter, cleaner, and healthier. I would recommend this mask to people who are interested in trying something new.


Now that we’ve shared our thoughts, we want to hear from you. Let us know you’re thoughts on the brand and share your experience with us. We hope you like this new series. Stay tuned for more Cupidrop Tries in the future!


With lots of love,

Cupidrop Team

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