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How to be an “Autumn Beauty”: Fall Makeup 2016

After our little talk about Fall Skincare last week, we’re following up with some Fall Makeup today!

We’ll talk a little bit about some looks that are in this season, what we like for Fall Makeup, and some recommendations.

Let’s get started!


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For the Face

Let’s start with the overall canvas.  We’re absolutely loving the new 3CE Back to Baby Daily Moisture as a makeup base.  This creamy primer contains SPF15/PA+ and adds immediate moisture to dry skin pre-makeup.  It also evens out skin tone and gives your skin that extra glow, prepping your skin to perfection before you layer foundation on top of it.  It’s a good choice as a regular moisturizer on no-makeup days, too!


Now for some decent coverage.  If you’re looking to try a something a little fun and interesting, we recommend the 3CE White Milk Cushion.  This cushion is, more than anything, a brightener: it contains milk protein extract to even out skin tone and boost sun protection with SPF50+/PA+++.  It would work well as a primer, too.  It even smells like milk!

If you need a moisturizing coverage, we recommend Tosowoong Vitalizing Essence Cushion #21 Light Beige.  The swirl in the compact is 45% liquid foundation that gently drapes the skin with glowing coverage and 55% rose essence that soothes the skin.  It’s both makeup and skincare in one product!

If you’re not really about the glow, but more about matte coverage, pat some 3CE Slim Fit Powder Pact on top of your base makeup or BB/CC cream.  The powder contains SPF22/PA++ and will absorb sebum and oil for a matte finish.



Of course, we can’t leave out contouring when we’re talking about face makeup!  We’re digging the natural yet subtly defined features that 3CE Duo Contour Stick #01 promotes.  Light Ivory and Dark Beige in one contour stick helps you highlight and shade in facial features to sculpt your look.  Having a blending sponge will help the process.

If you’re more about the classic way of contouring with powder, go for 3CE Magic Touch Face Maker.  Two shades in one compact is convenient and easy-to-use to create a naturally contoured face.


For the Eyes

Eyebrows are the key to expression.  And Boy Brows are still in for this fall!  3CE Sharpen Edge Brow Pencil, available in 3 colors (Milky Brown, Cocoa Brown, Gray Brown), is an easy-to-use eyebrow pencil for beginners.  A hexagonal-cut pencil makes it easy to apply and a convenient built-in sharpener allows for a clear expression of eyebrows at any time.


Let’s talk eyelids.  Deep shades of fall are always appropriate, of course.  But glitter & shimmer is the way to go this season!  Express a beautiful glimmer every blink with 4 different shades of Eyeshadows by Beige.  Mix and match to achieve your own personal look.


Black eyeliner is usually the go-to for most.  How about trying something a little more subtle and warm for the crisp fall?  Whether you’re preference is pencil, gel, or liquid, you can find the right eyeliner for you between Beige Wood Pencil Liner, 3CE Gel Eyeliner, and Beige Brush Eyeliner.

Of course, flirty flutters of the eyes come from the right mascara.  3CE Fixer & Mascara will help you portray full and bold lashes that do not clump or stick together.


For the Lips


Pucker up, beauties.  Just because it’s fall, it doesn’t mean you can get lazy with lip care.  We like to carry around a 3CE Tinted Treatment Lip Balm in our purse for a quick moisturizing for our lips while restoring a subtle pink color.


Feeling a little bold?  Well, bold lips are totally in this fall.  Go for the sexy Azalea Red Beige Lipstick for classy & entrancing autumn look.  If you like to tone it down for a sultry fall, go for Gladiolous Pink or Papaver Peach.

If you’re like me and want to have everything in one place, 3CE Lip Color Palette is the way to go.  For the fall, I’m going to my Gossip Red Palette for 4 different colors of boldness, confidence, and sass.



To go for that little bit of extra glow for juicy lips, try our new 3CE Water Tint #Deep Red or #Mandarin Orange.  A long-lasting formula will stain your lips for consistent wear without drying out or smudging.


Like what you see?  Are you ready to be an Autumn Beauty?

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Cheers to Fall!


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