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a Pack a Day?

No, I am not talking about cigarettes, silly. “a Pack a Day” simply means…. one sheet mask a day! (1일1팩)

This is the latest craze in Korea, it all started when a few celebrities in Korea revealed their beauty secret, that is….Daily sheet masks! Celebrities like Ko So-Young, Kim hee-ae & model Hye Park also said their glowing & flawless skin benefit from frequent use of sheet masks.

Of course, now  everyone in Korea started to follow this latest beauty trend of “a Pack a Day” (a pack = a mask, Koreans call it a pack 팩) hoping to achieve the same glow for their skin.

A skincare routine that’s easy, cheap & convenient; sheet masks bring you instant gratification, a DIY salon-like treatment without breaking your wallet, in the comfort of your home.

Who has time for facials anymore? Well, I don’t.  Instead, I put on a sheet mask and feel good about doing something nice for my skin, in my hello kitty pajamas.

Sheet masks à la carte; Snail mucin?  Honey?  Ginseng?  Aloe?  Choose your pick!  You name it, they’ve got it.  Sheet masks are so cheap now, you can have a pack a day (a mask pack, that is) for the price of having a….cup of coffee?

Let’s do something good for your skin.  A “pack a day” will at least do better than having a cigarette a day.  Which will you have?

Get your sheet on.


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