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5 Benefits of Clay Masks


Before the “Sheet Mask Rage” came in as the hottest fad in the skincare world, there were Clay Masks—also known as “Mud Packs” in Korea.  But modern day beauty lovers soon realized that these wash-off masks were tedious and too time-consuming for their busy lifestyle.  So as sheet masks came into the light, clay masks slowly started to retire to the back corner of vanity tables everywhere.

But there is a reason why clay mask is the ancestor of all facial masks.  Clay mask is uniquely the only type of facial mask that can be beneficial for everyone—regardless of gender, age, skin type, season, or type of skin trouble—because there isn’t simply one type of clay out there.  The effects clay can have on your skin will differ based on the types of minerals it is composed of and its place of origin.  Red clay, green clay, mud, ochre… there are a variety of clays to choose from depending on your skin type.

The easiest way to try out a clay mask is to try a product containing natural clay.  But to give yourself a clay mask treatment specifically suited to your skin’s needs, you can even purchase a powder type of clay and mix it with tea powder or plain yogurt to apply on your face.

  1. Deep Cleansing

Clay absorbs excess sebum on the surface of the skin while latching onto dead skin cells to remove them naturally.  Green clay is recommended for oily/acne-prone skin while red clay would be more effective for aging/sensitive skin.  You can mix together with little bit of sulfur powder (which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties) to make a clay mask for treating acne.

  1. Soothing

When it comes to masks that are being marketed as “great for sensitive skin”, it is mostly likely
1) distributing oil to dry and weakened skin to create a protective barrier, or
2) soothing reddened and/or inflamed skin.
Clay masks have the latter effect; Bentonite and Kaolin (white clay) is used most often for this purpose.  Mix in Calamine or small amount of Zinc Oxide powder and you can significantly reduce itchiness as well.

  1. Moisturizing

Some people think that clay masks dry out the skin.  In reality, it can actually increase the skin’s moisture level.  Most clay mask products contain a combination of mild Kaolin (white clay) and Glycerin (moisturizing factor), which helps the skin stay hydrated.  Rather than completely plucking out sebum and oil from clogged pores, clay masks tend to gently lift away sebum and dead skin cells that are preventing moisture from being absorbed properly, so it’s safe for dry or sensitive skin types to use as well.

When a clay mask is applied on the skin, it delivers moisture deep into the skin but it also creates a barrier that will lock in that moisture and prevent it from escaping.  If you follow up with a moisturizing essence or cream after the using the mask, you’ll see that your skin looks far better hydrated.  Sheet masks may moisturize your skin on the spot, but the effect tends to wear away within a day or two.  If you want a long-lasting effect, try putting on a clay mask instead.

  1. Brightening

If you’re trying to get brighter skin with a whitening essence, it can take up to 4 weeks before you start to see some real changes.  But with a clay mask, you can brighten your skin half a tone lighter within 20 minutes.  Oily skin types tend to suffer from dead skin cells and sebum that make their skin appear darker, especially during the summer.  Your capillaries subtly widen, causing discoloration in the skin.  Clay masks help to tighten these capillaries while removing excess sebum and dead skin cells and adding more moisture, so the skin tone naturally grows brighter.  If you apply a clay mask for 10 minutes before your morning makeup, you can prevent your complexion from getting dull throughout the day.

  1. Pore Tightening, Lifting

Upon applying a clay mask, you will feel your face tightening within 5 minutes.  This is because as the clay starts to dry, the skin that it has attached itself onto also tightens with it.  As the skin pulls together, your circulation improves and excess waste comes out and gets absorbed by the clay.  As a result, aging skin will see that the clay mask is helping to lift their skin to redefine their facial lines while oily skin types will notice that their pores have tightened.

You can experience the best clay mask treatment with Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Clay Mask.  Containing up to 6,700mg of Jeju Island’s volcanic ash, this clay mask effectively removes excess sebum and impurities with a deep cleansing into your pores and controls excessive oil production to leave you with smooth and moisturized skin.

Still thinking, “But I’m too lazy/have no time for a wash-off type mask”?  Then try these sheet mask alternatives!  Ciracle Jeju Volcanic Pore-Tightening Mask consists of a charcoal sheet infused with 79% Jeju volcanic clay + volcanic water.  Our newest arrivals, I’m Sorry For My Skin Green Mud Mask for Soothing and Black Mud Mask for Tightening are fiber sheet masks infused with natural clay and other natural ingredients that will clear away sebum, dirt, oil and moisturize the skin.


It’s a classic: make sure to try the ORIGINAL facial treatment with a clay mask.  You’ll definitely see why they’ll never really go out of style.


Yay for Clay!


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