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4 Lipstick Tips to Try This Summer

Happy National Lipstick Day! To celebrate the occasion we decided to share some lipsticks tips that are sure to keep your lips lookin’ extra good this season.


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The key to every great lip look is a lip scrub. Extreme humidity and heat can be damaging to your lips. It can make them feel super dry and cracked. The best way to solve this dilemma is to use a lip scrub. Lip scrubs remove flakes, dead skin cells, and any impurities on the surface of the lip. This may seem like an obvious solution to an everyday problem. But, you would be surprised at the number of people who still do not use proper lip care products. Lip scrubs are key to healthy plump lips all year long. Take the extra step and purchase a lip scrub. Your lips will thank you for it.


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Oh, lip balms. We usually apply them as a single step item. We also rarely use them after we leave the house. Yet, lip balms are a seasonal essential. Lip balms provide extra moisture and sun protection for your lips. A majority of people do not look for SPF in their lip balms. But, SPF is an imperative ingredient that should be integrated into your lip care regimen. Lip balms are also a great source of color when on the go. Lips balms are your one-stop-shop for a perfect summer lip.


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Most beauty lovers consider matte lipsticks a winter must-have but, they are also a summer key item. Matte lipsticks keep your lip shade intact regardless of how hot it is or how much you’re sweating. It can be difficult to wear a liquid lipstick or a lipgloss in the summer because of how malleable they are. The human body melts lipstick at a natural pace. Add additional heat to that, and the lipstick’s contents will deteriorate faster and leave you will a less than desirable look. No one wants to look like the Joker once they step off the platform. Use a matte and forget the rest.


Rimmel London by Kate Moss nude lipstick review for shades 45,46,47,48
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One of our lovely Cupidrop members has an all-natural lip shade philosophy for summer. This philosophy focuses on the ease of wear of neutral colors when on the go. Neutral shades suit all occasions and are great transition colors. Simply use a natural shade in the morning and apply a darker shade at night for a new and inviting look. Neutrals are no-fuss shades that are perfect for those surprisingly hot summer days.

Share with us some of your key summer lip tips in the comments below!


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