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Another Holiday of Love

It seems like Valentine’s Day was just yesterday… but alas, White Day is right around the corner!

For those of you who are thinking, “What the heck is White Day?”, let us fill you in.  In Korea, Valentine’s Day is considered a day where only women give chocolate to men.  So on White Day, a month later, the men return the favor to their woman by gifting them with sweets and presents.

This phenomenon originated in 1978, when a Japanese confectionary company deemed March 14th as Marshmallow Day as a marketing strategy.  Eventually, the new “holiday” grew in popularity and was renamed White Day, and is currently commonly celebrated in Japan, Korea, and Taiwan (so we guess that means the marketing strategy actually worked in the end).

To all who may celebrate White Day, we hope your day is filled with pure, sweet love!  And to those of you who just discovered this day… maybe you can give your man a small nudge?

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