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  • Sunscreen Mythbuster!!!


    Despite all the “proven” anti-aging essences and anti-wrinkle creams out there, the most effective way to keep your skin bright and youthful is to simply use a sunscreen regularly.  As we are becoming more aware of the dangerous impact UVA/UVB rays can have on the skin, sunscreens have become a staple in most people’s daily […]

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  • Travel Skincare Tips


      Whether you’re driving or jetting halfway across the country (or the world), summer is the ultimate vacation season of traveling and exploring new places. But there is no question that traveling can be stressful and trying to look good while traveling is even MORE stressful. Did you know that the humidity level of the air in […]

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  • 5 Benefits of Clay Masks


    Before the “Sheet Mask Rage” came in as the hottest fad in the skincare world, there were Clay Masks—also known as “Mud Packs” in Korea.  But modern day beauty lovers soon realized that these wash-off masks were tedious and too time-consuming for their busy lifestyle.  So as sheet masks came into the light, clay masks […]