Best Way to Celebrate Father’s Day

Happy Father's Day! Here are some dad jokes to celebrate the day.

These two new masks will be saving your Summer skin!

We're so excited for you to try both!


Memorial Day Weekend is finally here! And we've got a memorable sale for you.

Thank You, 8th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers!

8th generation of Beautiful Pioneers has been successfully wrapped up!

[RECAP] Cupidrop x LOVUE – Bloggers’ Event

Thank you to everyone who came out to Cupidrop x LOVUE Bloggers' Event!

Top Recommendations for Spring/Summer 2018 Skincare

Ready to enjoy the warmer months? Be sure to get your Spring/Summer skincare routine on check!

Thank You, 7th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers!

Thank you to every 7th generation member who left amazing feedback!

REPOST: Review of A.True’s Top-Selling Mist & Calming Cream!

The duo that's perfect for Spring/Summer 2018!


Beautiful Pioneers is ready to meet the 8th generation! Get the details + the link to apply.

Thank You, 6th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers!

We wrapped up another successful round - Thank you to everyone!

ANNOUNCEMENT: NEW Klairs Supple Preparation Unscented Toner

The unscented version of your favorite toner is finally here!


Beautiful Pioneers is ready to meet the 7th generation! Get the details + the link to apply!


Beautiful Pioneers is ready to meet the 6th generation! Get the details + the link to apply!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Valentine’s Day Sale is Here!

At Cupidrop, Valentine's Day is our favorite day of the year! And to celebrate, we are having a huge sale to show our love to you all!

My Personal Travel Tips for Those On the Go

Visiting new cities and countries is one of my favorite things to do, but like many others, I hate the act of traveling. Here are my tips to make it so much better!

Klairs Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream – It’s a GLOWPICK 2017 Winner!

This multifunctional BB cream has done it again, winning the hearts of beauty enthusiasts!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Happy New Year + 18% Off!

This year was an amazing one for us, and we cannot thank you enough for your love & support! 

ANNOUNCEMENT: Merry Christmas + Extra 20% Off!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to everyone!

Cupidrop’s Top 17 for 2017

2017 was such a good year for us. We curated dozens of new products into our collection, and testing products back to back helped to narrow down the products we cannot live without.


ATTENTION EVERYONE! Our huge HOLI HOLIDAY sale is finally live. If you missed our Black Friday sale and you still got gifts to buy, you must hop on this sale ASAP.

Holiday Skincare Gift Guide 2017

Mom, Dad, Sis, Bro, BFF, Boyfriend, Girlfriend… So many people to buy gifts for! The stress is overwhelming, and you’re not sure if you should just hide behind the Christmas tree and come out when everything’s over.

November 2017 Wrap-Up

The last autumn month went by so quickly—leaves have fallen off the trees, the winds are sharper and the days are getting much shorter! Even though we are so ready to drink some hot chocolate and take a nap, we could not wait to share all the things that happened this month!

Four Key Ingredients You Really Need to Know About

It’s safe to say that Korean Skincare brands are leaders in the modern skincare industry, constantly using products and ingredients that aren’t widely used by western cultures.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Black Friday 2017

HEY Y'ALL! Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving—eating lots of delicious food and spending time with your family, friends and loved ones!

Thank You, 5th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers!

If you follow us on our blog as well as our Instagram, you are probably aware that we’ve been hosting a campaign called ‘Beautiful Pioneers.’ All of our previous Generations (1 - 4) were huge successes, so of course—we had to do a 5th round.

October 2017 Wrap-Up

One of our favorite months, October, has gone by so fast! The leaves outside the window have turned delightfully orange-y brown and we're so ready to cuddle up in multiple fuzzy blankets and drink endless cups of foamy chai latte.

ANOTHER FRESH DROP: Pyunkang Yul’s Moisture Cream and Mist Toner

Easy, Straight-forward and Oh-so-simple! Just in case you haven't seen our crazy excitement on IG yet, we just curated two new products last week—Pyunkang Yul’s Moisture Cream and Mist Toner!

FRESH DROP: Natural Pacific ft. Toner Wash Method

We added something super hot & exciting to our collection: Natural Pacific! The three items we curated are top sellers of the brand—the Fresh Green Tea Seed Serum, Fresh Herb Origin Serum and Fresh Herb Calendula Tincture Toner—and they're top sellers for good reasons.

RECRUITMENT: 5th Generation of Beautiful Pioneers

We know it’s been a couple months since we wrapped up 4th generation of Beautiful Pioneers, so we’re more than ready to meet our 5th Generation Members!

September 2017 Wrap-Up

Can't believe another month has gone by! This month of transition from hot, blazing summer to cooler, windier times has gotten us so hyped for all the new products we can start incorporating into our routines.

This Is Your Holy Grail Mask for Fall & Winter 2017

As you all know, Dear Klairs’ Freshly Juiced Vitamin Drop has been loved by many for a long time! Now, it has a buddy—the Freshly Juiced Vitamin E Mask!

Here’s How To Repurpose Your Beauty Products

There's one thing we can agree on, once your beauty product expires, you shouldn't use it on your face.

Transitioning Your Skin into Fall

Now that we're heading into fall, it's time to go through Playful Beautiful's official Fall 2017 skincare checklist!

August 2017 Wrap-Up

We're nearing the end of summer and ready to fall into all pumpkin-spiced flavored things. August 2017 was another great time for us, so today we're going to share what went down this month.

#SOS – Help Victims of Recent Hurricanes

As you may already know, Hurricane Harvey swept up and severely damaged Houston. This natural disaster claimed at least 40 lives, including children and the elderly.

Best Sunscreens for Labor Day

Whether you're going to your favorite beach town for the weekend or hiking up to the mountains for a spiritual retreat, you're most likely going to be under the sun.

Cleansing—The Proper Way

Hopefully, you all wash your face morning and night. With your favorite cleanser, you foam it up, massage on your face, wash it off, and dry with a towel.

How To 3-Step w/ Klairs

You guys all know we've been advocating the 'Simple 6' routine for a while now, but sometimes there are times when we want to tone it down even more!

Get Schooled: Back to School Survival Beauty Kit

School is approaching us again (yuck) but we made something this year that will hopefully get you excited just a little bit... It's the Back to School Survival Beauty Kit!

Taking Care of Your Skin Mid-Day

While we spend every morning and night taking care of our skin through our daily skincare ritual, it's easy to neglect taking care of our skin during the middle of the day.

July 2017 Wrap-Up

June 2017 Wrap-Up

Going Back to Aloe

May 2017 Wrap-Up

Eyebrows on FLEEK!

Let’s Talk About Wrinkles

Beach Day Getaway

Travel Skincare Tips


The Vanity Table

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The 411 on Sunscreen

Pink Lake, Really?

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Beauty Splurge vs Steal

New Picks For 2016

Guerisson 9-Complex Cream